Every few years, we update our skin care systems with anti-aging products that address new issues such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Regularly updating your skin care routine is a pretty routine, but what about your hair?

“Your hair, nails, and skin are all made of the same material, but when we think of anti-aging, we think only of skin,” said hairdresser Courtney Foster. We don’t think your hair just goes along with it. ” .

How to manage aging hair according to stylists

Stylists agree that as we get older, our hair loses its shine, elasticity, and volume. You can take advantage of each product by looking at it before you buy it on the shelf.

To begin with, Salon 120 Western hairdresser Cassie Bertucci recommends that you drink enough water every day (according to the American National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine). And according to the National Sleep Foundation: You should prioritize getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night to reduce stress-induced hair loss.

Rita Sanders, owner and statistician at Tousd Hair Salon in Jersey City, New Jersey, says one of the best ways to prevent aging is to have proper night care for your hair, just like at night. The easiest way to do this? Satin pillow case!

“When you fall asleep, throw and turn [doesn’t] Maybe you can cut your hair, cut it, or dry it from the products you used before, ”Sanders told the store today.

Another culprit for damaged hair? Shampoo and shower often. “Think about how often you wash your hair,” Bertuchi says. If you wash or bathe too much, you may experience excessive hair loss.

Amine Abrams, creative director, salon educator and stylist at Maxine Salon, advises you to use shampoo “as often as possible” and make it meaningful for your head and hair. In particular, you want to use products that are designed to work with your hair type and are free of harmful substances such as silicone and wax, because they cause build-up rather than removal.

Finally, all stylists emphasize the importance of treating your skull and the rest of your head. “If your scalp is healthy, your whole hair is healthy,” Foster said.

The best anti-aging hair products according to stylists

1. Aveda Nutriplenish License Conditioner

Sanders likes to have this licensed conditioner refilled and watered for up to three days. “Normally you don’t get this with your regular refrigerators,” he said.

She also noted that vacation conditioners typically need to be applied several times every 72 hours, so this is a big increase as it is designed to “take the distance.”

2. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisturizing Shampoo oo

Alterna is a foster favorite for mature hair care because the brand holds the philosophy that your skin will age, and your hair will age as well. She especially likes it, which is rich in vitamins A and C, which help target natural aging symptoms such as irritability and dehydration. If I have a customer who needs it [an anti-aging treatment], This is one of the things I give. ” She recommends the accompanying conditioner to complete the set.

3. Kérastase Initaliste

Abram then swallowed the skull and hair follicles. “It breaks her hair, reduces breakage and makes her hair look soft, shiny and thick,” she told us.

Although most of the serum is associated with fat formulas, Abram emphasizes that this serum is fat-free and smooth, milky. She recommends using this product on the affected or exposed areas of your hair and continuing your normal styling process with a little warmth.

4. Spray Oribe dry texture

New York City-based hairdresser Jasmine Burnside called one of your favorites to make this Orbei texture look beautiful. “I really feel a lot of rot and texture where you can feel it in your hair,” she said.

5. Strengthening Aveda Plant Shampoo

Sanders loves her hair care line from Aveda to help him cope with hair loss. It’s a bond-building system to give you more strength … it really reshape your bondage from the hair. “If your hair is stronger, that means when it is stretched, it can be pulled back rather than stretched and pulled back.

Be sure to follow this candle with the corresponding conditioner to see the best results.

6. Laanza keratin healing oil shiny candle oo

Laanza Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is another favorite of Foster. “It’s a luxury,” she said.

Foster was upset about the fragrance and said that these products have a keratin base that gives our body hair and shine. He is still designed to keep his hair clean while maintaining the color.

7. Surface Hair Active Therapeutic Therapy

This hairstyle is another personal favorite of Bertuchi. The line is designed to stimulate new hair growth as it stimulates nutrients such as mint, capsicum and herbal products. Apply it on the scalp twice a day according to the brand’s instructions and apply it to get the maximum benefits.

8. Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Water Conditioner

If you are struggling with noise, Sanders recommends the Aveda Sapp Moss weightless water line, made from a mixture of Ice Moss and Lach tree juice. She said of the line. My favorite thing about the conditioner, you can save [it] It is on and you can use it at the end of your shampoo as a conditioner or as a daily conditioner. You get two by one. That alone is weightless ”

9. Bumble and Bumble thick hair spray

This Bumble and Bumble Pre-Style Spray is a favorite of Burnside. Apply on wet, clean hair and follow your favorite hair tools to see the increased volume.

10. Banyan Herbs Organic Sesame Oil

If you want to increase the shine, Sanders recommends looking for a simple serum that is applied to the hair with this sesame oil. »[Sesame oil] It sits on top of the hair and is a really good conditioner. ”

This organic sesame oil on Amazon has an amazing 4.8-star average and more than 900 proven five-star ratings.

11. R + Co Skyline Dry Sham oo Powder

For light weight products, Burnside calls this dry wax powder a personal favorite. She is not as “rough as a roller coaster,” but she is good at sucking too much oil and grease. “It does rejuvenate the hair on the second day or so,” she says.

12. Oribe rolled flour

Burnside says of the Orebe volumizer: Spraying also helps to reduce the risk of hair loss.

13. Olaplex Hair Extension No. 3 Repair Treatment

“The Olympus line is great for depression and if you have any irritation or breakage, it’s just a matter of getting the protein back into your hair,” Bertumi told us. She specifically recommends this opalescent repair treatment designed not only for damage to your hair but also for a healthy look and texture.

14. Kérastase Densifique Bain Densite Sham oo

Abramite recommends combining keratis inventium serum with brand Densifique shampoo and conditioner. She loves this double because it helps prevent decay and cleans your hair thoroughly while avoiding buildup.

15. Kérastase Densifique Bodifying Mousse

Most Moses are famous for measuring sticks and hair, but Abram loves this from Kerates because he is the exact opposite. They treat this product as “soft moose that you don’t care about” because of the stress or stickiness of the hair.

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