For some women, hair loss is a sign of transition in life.

It may not change overnight, but over time, you will find hair follicles scattered around your pillow. Or, maybe there are thin hair marks on your bathroom. A look in the mirror can be traumatic.

Hair loss occurs for a number of reasons, most often associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. People with thyroid and anxiety disorders are more likely to have thinning hair.

That’s why Nutrafol, a leader in hair care and growth, has developed in-house hair growth products!

Their overall health approach to hair growth is based on biological and clinical evidence. People in neutrophils know that hair loss can be embarrassing for women.

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But this is more common than you think.

The fact is, 40 percent of women suffer from hair loss by the age of 50. Unwanted hair changes can damage a woman’s self-confidence, especially when social pressures equate femininity with a beautiful and thick lock.

Covering the problem with a hat is a temporary solution, but it does not magically restore hair – and these are the tips.

Why use Nutrafol for hair coloring?

Nutrafol is a scientifically proven comprehensive hair care approach for hair safety pioneer.