Like seasons, hair goes through evolution and drastic changes – from texture, length, and shine – as we grow older.

Aging is inevitable and every decade brings new discoveries to the scalp – from white strands to thinning hair. In fact, a 2018 study by the International Journal of Trichology found that gray hair reduces brightness and UV-A radiation is responsible for hair color change.

While many people focus on anti-aging eye creams and facial creams, your aging skin – especially your scalp – will also need improved hair care as you mature. According to Trichologist Brigitte Hill, oxidative stress and free radicals on your scalp can affect overall hair health. “Oxidative stress impairs the function of the skin by disrupting the hair growth cycle and reducing fat production, which in turn affects the brightness, smoothness and softness of hair fibers, and hormonal changes due to menopause affect the hair fiber diameter, making it thinner.

As we get older, we may not be able to produce the right products. Environmental stress can also cause certain germs to grow in our brain, which can lead to hair loss and itching.

Experts have shared some of the changes we can expect when we reach 40, and ways to overcome the challenges you will pass during this time.

Hair changes can be expected by women in their 40s

When women reach their 40s, hair may begin to show signs of aging. “The changes include weaker and more fragile hair and hair loss than before,” said Thais Reslan, a trichologist and hairdresser.

In today’s ZetGest, voluminous hair and youth go hand in hand, making others feel threatened by changes in appearance. Trichologist Jennifer McCoyne also said that women may experience changes in their menstrual cycle, while others may experience graying or loss of curls. “Some of the changes that women expect to see are declining [around] They are in temples, in the middle of their hair or around their chambers and often on the back of the crown. ”

Another cause of hair loss is a lack of care and attention to the scalp, which can lead to damage to the hair follicles. “The skin on our face undergoes the same changes,” says Hill.

Hair loss is usually expected with age, but hormonal imbalances can be detrimental to our mental health. “Age-related hair loss can be caused by hormonal imbalances, collagen depletion and the need for essential vitamins and minerals,” Hill said.

Other parameters that negatively affect the hormonal balance include:

  • Taking medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Diet / nutrition
  • Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
  • Emotional and safety concerns
  • Hair Care Products and Hairstyles Features

Hair Care Standard for 40s

Unfortunately, we cannot expect our cords to feel shiny with regular shampoo and conditioner. Instead, when your hormones change, Hill recommends investing in your skin health.

“Be effective in combining scalp and hair care with your sleep and exercise routine (use a pre-shampoo scalp / hair treatment before bedtime or exercise with minimal effort). [Also,] Investing in a scientifically based active ingredient in scalp and hair products rich in fatty acids and glycerin is moisturizing, ”she recommends.

“Make sure to use exfoliators and other products to remove impurities from the follicle so that the pores do not close,” Makcowa added.

Diet plays a role in overall hair health. “A diet rich in protein and healthy fats, as well as a diet rich in greens and vegetables, are essential for healthy and strong hair growth.”

Hair Loss Treatment Tips

Every time you take a shower, if you lose hair, it all starts with skin care. “Encourage the skull once a week [a] Pre-shampoo scalp oil [or] Serum that [has] Active ingredients such as citrus oils, rosemary, mint and hyaluronic acid. They not only improve blood circulation but also provide antibacterial and antifungal properties to cleanse the skin, ”said Hill.

Also, make sure you wash your hair regularly and do not be afraid to ruin your post-workout routine. “Don’t be afraid to wash. Any hair that comes out of the bathroom is cut 3 to 3.5 months before the blood supply, so it’s important to remove the old hair to make new hair appear,” McCowan said. He said.

The best anti-aging hair products for your 40s

Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Treatment

Cowardly and unruly gray hair can be controlled with this treatment from the Inkey List. Even Reslan uses this and “makes my hair softer even when exposed to rain and moisture.”


For those who regularly use styling equipment, it is important to use a heat shield. Reslan suggests spraying this moisturizer, which acts as a barrier and moisturizer. “[It’s] My favorite style product to protect your hair from heat damage and prolong your hairstyle.

Inkey List Peptide Sound Hair Treatment

Add extra volume and thickness to your hair with a light weight serum. “This is my favorite volume and light weight product that goes into your hair to expand from the inside out,” Reslan said.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all

The great thing about this cleanser is that it covers every inch of your scalp. “The amazingly designed applicator allows massage [and] Stimulation; [while the] A charcoal cleanser gently exfoliates, brightens and nourishes the scalp for healthy hair growth, ”says Hill.

Virtual healing oil

It is also recommended to use scalp oil to stimulate Hill growth. “This is a lightweight oil that strengthens and tightens moisture, making it suitable for all hair types and textures.”

This virtue product is also made with a single type of keratin protein called Alpha Keratin 60ku for hair repair – the first of its kind, brand.

KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution Shampoo and Conditioner

Reslan recommends the addition of a scalp that promotes strong hair growth. This KeraFactor duo is made with a combination of conditioners that stimulate the blood circulation of the skull.

Vegamour GRO + Advanced Filling Conditioner

This Vegamor conditioner is made with a special vegan keratin called karmatatin, which promotes growth and prevents breakage. Hill said the product “helps to repair damage and restore hair fiber without sticky residue or accumulation.”

Dr. Barbara Stem Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

This Dr. Barbara Sturgeon Shampoo is formulated with Pro Vitamin B5, which helps to nourish and repair the hair follicles and provide an “anti-splitting effect”. According to Hill, “This whole line is fighting oxidative stress. Panthenol and glycerin are ideal ingredients to keep skin and hair moisturized.”

Rene Furterer Triphasic Reactional Concentrated Serum

For those who are experiencing the first signs of thinning hair, add this highly rated serum from Renee Furter to your hair care routine. The brand is said to help maintain the natural balance of your scalp and strengthen your hair.

Resetting the CRLab thermal mud mask

Macau recommends this hair mask to help restore balance to your scalp. Focuses on feeding the hair follicle while reducing free radicals. It also removes excess grease and dirt from the scalp.

Developed Alchemist Shampoo and Conditioner

For those with dull hair, this Grown Alchemist hair care product is made with an extremely moisturizing herbal formula that allows light to return to your strands.

Dr. Barbara Sturum Super Anti-Aging Skull Serum

Fix your lifeless hair with this Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum. The purpose of this product is to increase the skin microbiota with active ingredients – cationic hyaluronic acid and glycerine. This product contains pro-vitamin B5 to increase brightness and volume.

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