One mother described how she lost 80 percent of her hair after being diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Martha Bradford told the Daily Record that she had a positive test for Covide in July and that she had been hospitalized for three days when her symptoms worsened.

A 43-year-old woman lost her hair and weeks later lost 80 percent of her hair.

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Martha has been diagnosed with telogen influenza, a severe reaction in the body to stress.

Martha told the record: “I noticed that there was more hair coming out of the bathroom than usual. I always had a lot of thick, curly hair and it often came out when I washed, but this was different.

“It was too much.”

The mother of four was taken to hospital in July after struggling to breathe while fighting Kovid.

Martha began to lose a lot of hair on her head

She was released three days later, but within days she had seen her hair fall out.

In August, Martha had large baldness on her head and her skull was soft and sore.

She chose to wear a head covering and stopped going out to meet her friends, which caused her anxiety and isolation.

Martha, who makes her own hair, says that her hair was her pride and joy, but now she is trying hard to hide it.

She said: “Losing my hair was very sad, it hurt my self-confidence. My hair is my thing. That’s what made me confident so the loss was a big thing for me.

The side of her head was suffering from severe hair loss.
The side of her head was suffering from severe hair loss.

“I’m on a lot of video calls.

“If someone came to the door, I would say I would wrap a towel around my head or wash it as if I was washing it.

“There’s nothing to stop people from seeing my hair and seeing how it all fell out.”

After suffering from recurrent lung infections, Martha, who was diagnosed with chronic covidavirus, went to a specialist in trichology Scotland in Glasgow.

The team used technology to scan her scalp and examine her hair follicles and found that she had lost about 80 percent of her thick and curly hair at one time.

Trichologist Will Fleson reports that Martha’s temporary hair loss went down to the telogen flu.

Martha was told that her hair loss was due to the disease called influenza
Martha was told that her hair loss was due to the disease called influenza

“My GP initially said it could be a covide side effect,” she said.

“It’s very common after childbirth or after a serious illness, but it seems like I’ve had a particularly bad experience.

According to Tricology Scott, Will, who founded Scotland, a growing number of clients are entering the clinic with hair loss.

“As we have seen in the last 18 months, we have never seen so many people go out of their way to suffer from hair loss,” he said.

“Sometimes hair loss does not occur until two or three months after a patient has gone through a traumatic or traumatic event.

Glasgow's Hair Solved provided Martha with some extras to help her regain her confidence.
Glasgow’s hair company, Solved, helped Martha come up with some extras that would restore her self-confidence.

“In Martha’s case, she had an acute illness with the influenza virus, which means that her hair began to fall out particularly quickly, which is not uncommon, but when it does occur, the emotional impact can be devastating.”

Using a 7 1,700 net hair extension, Martha was directed to Hair Solved in Glasgow, where she was able to straighten her hair.

“They were expensive,” she says, “but the difference they made in my opinion is truly priceless.”

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Martha was told that her hair would grow back in 12-18 months.

He added: “I know I am one of the lucky ones. Many people have lost their lives in Kovid, but I have only lost my hair and I am thankful for that.

“I’m seeing signs that my hair is coming back, which is promising. I hope it will raise awareness by sharing my story and help anyone who goes through it.”