The beauty movement answers some common questions about beauty and care, the famous pioneer Shanaz Hussein. Quotes
Q: How long does a person need to cut their hair to stay healthy and shiny?
A For short or curly hair, it should be cut every 6 weeks to maintain style. Hair can be cut before split ends are formed. Or, shorten when there are split ends. Hair growth is more pronounced in short hairstyles than long hair. Long hair can be cut every 8 to 12 weeks, but if the hair is exposed to split ends, it should be trimmed more often.
Q: I have straight and fine hair. How do I add body to my hair?
A There are many natural ingredients in the body that add nutrients to the hair and make it thicker, such as yogurt and eggs. Eggs nourish dry hair, oily hair uses egg whites, cleanses, reduces fat and increases body fat. Apply an egg or yogurt half an hour before shampoo. Beat a small amount of hair and apply it to the hair to create a thick consistency. After half an hour, wash with water. Add lemon juice and half a cup of rose water to a cup of water to remove the smell of eggs. Henna bundles also help to increase the thickness of the hair, because henna covers the hair.
Q: What are some of the best hair oils you can use to prevent volume, hair growth and hair loss?
A Coconut oil is probably the most popular hair oil in India. It is said that it strengthens the hair and makes it thicker and shiny. The application of oil with light massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the follicles and promote hair growth. When the hair is too dry, mix one part of the olive oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Warm up and apply. Remember to apply at the ends. Keep the oil overnight and wash your hair the next day, using a light herbal candle. Almond oil helps the hair damaged by the use of chemical lotions. Olive oil helps with dandruff as it helps to restore normal acid-alkaline balance.
Q: I am 31 years old and need hair removal. What can I do to control it?
A Some causes of hair loss: dandruff, oily skin, stress, thyroid imbalance, disease, malnutrition, hair loss (dyeing, dyeing, breakage, straightening), etc. Hair loss is also common after pregnancy. So, you can try to identify the cause in your case. Apply herbal hair tonic on the scalp daily using cotton wool and release. Avoid massage. Divide the hair into sections and apply on the scalp. Shampoo Apply oil once a week before bathing. You can apply olive oil or pure coconut oil if you like. Avoid head massage. If you have hair loss, massage may aggravate the problem because the roots are already weak. If the hair is oily, avoid oil applications. If the hair is dry, shampoo twice a week. Shampoo for hair 3 or 4 times a week. Use less wax. Dissolve in water and then apply. Diet is very important. Grow small sprouts every day and include fresh fruits, salads, leafy greens, soy, and yogurt in your diet. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to a glass of water and do it early in the morning. Ask your doctor to prescribe vitamins and minerals.
Q: Is hair extensions a good choice for people with hair loss?
A There are many types of hair extensions. Hair extensions like alopecia or male pattern baldness are important for thinning hair and shaving. They help to cope with the stress and frustration associated with severe hair loss. At this stage, I consider them useful. In the weaving process, a person may have a partial hair extension. Partial extensions are more popular, but washing your hair and keeping your scalp clean can be a problem. Fusion hair extensions are attached to natural hair. However, they are not always recommended as they can cause damage to natural hair. Such hairstyles should be done by a specially trained hairdresser. Trim hair extensions on short hair to make your hair look longer, but they also need care and attention.
Q: I travel a lot because of my work. How can I take care of my skin while traveling?
A Use sunscreen 20 minutes before sunrise. Wear your sunscreen with easily available moisturizing tissue. Also take compressed flour. Wet tissue cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. Apply a small amount of sunscreen and after a few minutes apply compressed powder. It is important to clean the skin at night to remove impurities, sweat, and oil deposits.