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There are so many products for hair loss at this time that trying to pick just one can feel like a daunting task. In her own words, “Healthy and Beautiful Hair” Ashley Tisdale has explored many options – and is now sharing the list of three products that have impressed her the most.

In a recent post on her lifestyle website, Freshne, Tisdale offers readers three extras that she uses to combat hair loss. (If your #advertising counter is lost, Tisdale stated in the envelope that it is not sponsored by the brands behind the products.) She begins by stating that she has tried many products. How much to believe “- the best way to treat thinning locks and get healthy hair.

One of the most notable of her tests was neutrophils, which she “loved” but did not see “a big difference” after trying “for months”. If you are hearing this for the first time, Nutrafol promises to increase hair growth for women (buy it, $ 88, amazon.com) and improve hair quality, especially with thin locks. (Given by FYI, Naomi Watts and Hillary Duff.) Each swallowed capsule contains a compound (but not limited to it) – an herbal supplement that lowers the stress hormone cortisol – Sao Palmetto – another herb. Testosterone can be converted to DHT – curcumin – an enzyme that acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation – among others. High levels of cortisol, DHT and swelling contribute to hair loss due to their effect on the hair growth cycle. (See More What is Nutrafol for women?)

Next on Tisdale’s list of strand-based products? “Gummy Bear Hair.” Probably because Tisdale said she had a lot of celebrity spokespersons about the sugar bear hair (buy it, $ 30, target.com) and the supplement, and that Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hujens and Emily Ratjowski are all partners. Last brand name. When Tisdale tried hair extensions with sugar bear hair vitamins – when she thought they were the ones she tried – she noticed that the supplements “help with growth”, but she wanted to eat more than the recommended two because they were “too sweet”. One day, she explains in the envelope. It is not surprising that, as you may have guessed, the gum beeswax and organic tapika syrup and raw sugar cane are listed, made, and tasted. However, the supplements contain biotin, which has been shown to improve hair growth in people with vitamin deficiencies, and zinc, which promotes cell proliferation, tissue repair, and protein synthesis, which is essential for proper hair growth. (Related Pages These Hair Growth Remedies Are More Than Tikitock – Should They Be Tried?)

“Glamlab supplement was life-changing,” she wrote. “My hair is getting longer. After two months I stopped losing my hair, and I feel healthy and strong.” In addition to biotin and Sos Palmetto, each capsule contains vitamins A and D, both of which can play a role in improving the overall health of the hair. It also has a horse’s tail, which is rich in silicone and is believed to support hair growth and thickening with its ability to promote collagen synthesis. (Does rosemary oil really work for hair growth?)

To sum it up, Tisdale says she does not believe in miraculous hair loss and that other factors play a role in improving her hair. In particular, she writes that she stopped brushing her hair, reduced her use of heat, and used a deep conditioner once a week. “I hope this helps, because trying different hair vitamins for months and years, finding one that works was a life-changing experience. [sic]”But before you follow in the player’s footsteps, remember that there are more no I do not It is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it is a good idea to consult your doctor before trying anything yourself – even if you get a stamp.

Tisdale seems to have gone through many trials and tribulations as she tried to stop her hair loss and promote healthy locks. Luckily for anyone who started their search solutions, she did not hesitate to share her findings.