The new BVU CIO and Iraqi veteran Joe McLean live with seven “pit sweat dead” puppies. Rascal and Fitbit are here. (Photo by Dolores Cullen)

Beaver Peps. Have you heard of them?

Eight weeks ago, Joe McLean left Ariz Yuma to become the Chief Information Officer at Bunna Vista University.

He came here alone because he did not know anyone. Unless he comes alone. He brought Stella and his seven puppies to the well.

Since then, the cubs have embraced dozens of students on campus.

The puppy will post playing time on university ads. It will begin after 5 p.m., and may end at 8:30 p.m.

“It was really exciting to see them learn to run,” said Laurel Walker, who came from Dubuk on Tuesday afternoon. You see them falling from the hill.

Beaverpipi, as they are known on their Instagram page, are roaming the hill north of the arch. McLean is standing next to him.

Students pass by on their way to the dormitory, or run with a cross-country team. They may or may not stop, but they all smile.

Mensen’s Aubrey Jones Carmelita allows a puppy to bite her long hair with light brown spots. It is good to relax, especially if you have a bad day in class.

Megan Shanhana misses Adrian, Mini, her family husky and Aussie shepherd. She lets Rassal and Fitbit close in on the screaming fight.

Laurel Walker, Beast Jones and Megan Shanhanhan have fun at Baverpuppies, which will be announced on their Instagram page on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Dolores Cullen)

Social Creatures: Man And dog

In one of McLain’s photos, 14 students lay on the lawn with Beaver puppies. It is getting dark.

“Students come individually, in pairs or in groups,” he explains. When pups or puppies lay on their feet, they often visit each other in a circle.

“People are social creatures who want to interact positively with each other,” he added. These meetings allow students to meet people who have nothing to do with them. It’s lost on social media.

Welcome to McLean’s social interaction. He is interacting with people. Students are learning what they need from a technology coordinator.

It tells the story of how beaver puppies were. Back in Arizona, playing between Stella and the bull pit became “uncontrollable.” The trash should not really have happened.

Then one day – when the temperature reached 115º – McLean’s air conditioner went out. Two of the three dogs, including Azin, died.

McLean, a military veteran who spent a year in Iraq, survived the ordeal. He is calm, thinking about it.

On the bright side, Stella survived, and the puppies were born. “He left us a special gift,” he jokes about his special gift.

Puppies go fast. McLean called pit bulls “the most loving dogs.” Socialization is key. (Photo by Dolores Cullen)

Beaverpuppies on a mission

McLain now fully pays for his new job and personal mission at BVU, which he does not regularly meet with the Beaver.

They are now 11 weeks old, all homeless. McLean catches two puppies and one goes to his son, in the military.

Before the two moved to their new owners, the BVU graduates took a short walk through the arch, as students do when they leave the world.

Fancy blue and gold collars were made by some puppy fans.

Once, the puppies saw the football team from a distance.

Puppies play most of the time when the weather cools down, but other events are in progress. The dogs become part of the stress center in the middle of the month.

Trinity Grimormold, president of active minds, came to the campus Mental Health Organization on Tuesday to ask for a merger of Beververs. “Playing with a dog can increase serotonin levels,” she says. “is true”

Sami then runs with a broom. Laughing students and the rest of the puppies parted ways to chase.

They are gone! With a broom. (Photo by Dolores Cullen