Christina Million reflects her time in New Zealand filming the new Netflix movie

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After Christina gave birth to her second child, Isaiah, in January 2020, her hair fell out.

“I’m always proud of being a girl who leaves my hair in the shower. Like me, you can’t find my hair all over the soap. ” “Well, I became that boy.”

Million says she initially tried to keep her boyfriend, Matt Pokéra. “I was cleaning it before he took a shower, because I didn’t want him to see it,” she said. “I finally had to tell him – I’m losing my hair. I’m so ashamed of him. There was hair everywhere.”

The 39-year-old singer of “Dip It Low” is talking about a new situation that can affect a new mother’s self-confidence. “There is a great deal of emotional loss,” she said, recalling how she felt about her hair loss during pregnancy and during pregnancy.

Christina Million

Christina Million

Christina Million

Million started combing her hair and falling in love with Isaiah about 3 to 6 months later, as well as 11-year-old Vio Violet Madison, who shares her dream with her ex-husband. “It’s really frustrating,” she says. There were times when I wanted to cry because I was not sure if my hair would grow back.

She remembers that she was desperate for a solution. I was driving a car and I was really looking for billboards. I was looking for Dr. Billboards and indexes. I checked everything. There was panic inside me.

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In April, she gave birth to Million Kenan, the third child, and the second with Pokéra.

Although she has not yet had hair loss with Kenna, she is trying to stay ahead with hair care brand Neoxin.

Postpartum hair loss is common and should not be a taboo subject, says dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. “Postpartum hair loss is a response to the physiological and emotional stress of childbirth,” says Gorera. “Our hair normally goes through a growth and shedding cycle, but after childbirth, hair loss prolongs its growth, so we experience excessive hair loss.

That’s why she says preventive measures are so important. Using the right products to help with treatment is key.

Millions are liking the Neoxin system Kit 5.

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In addition to using products to strengthen and fatten hair, there are other steps that new mothers can take to improve their hair health.

Dr. Gohara: “It is important to know that you are not alone, to go to the doctor to try and find solutions. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after childbirth is easier than at home, but eating a diet rich in protein, biotin and vitamins and getting enough sleep and exercise is important to treat long-term hair loss. Inside and out. “

For Millen, that means increasing the supply of fruits and vegetables on her plate, getting enough sleep, and giving time to exercise, which is not always easy for a busy mother.

“I try to go to bed before 10 or 10:30,” she says, and she still wakes up at least once a night to feed Kenna. “After breakfast in the morning we have breakfast. And then I quietly go upstairs, to my wife’s floor, and to Threadmill. I go down there and do my thing. I do. Thirty minutes a day., Three times a week, I know I can do it. fair enough.