Cranberry candy, or Sutang (2) It is especially popular during the spring festival holidays and during the winter. Square or oval candies are very sweet, fragrant, almond and crunchy, and melt easily in your mouth.

Cranch candy is now largely derived from peanut butter, which was a constant source of danger during the war (476-221 BC). Some rich people flee the war, and to prepare high-calorie and easy-to-carry foods, boil the malt with peanuts and then cut them into small and irregular pieces.

The base of the candy is made up of a list of malts and dried ingredients, usually flour, sugar, roasted nuts or nuts, dried fruits and more.


Traditional Chinese cranberry peanut butter

Classic Chinese cranchi candies show roasted sesame seeds and peanuts. Black sesame cranberry candy is becoming very popular. In traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds are known for their anti-aging properties, especially for nourishing the scalp and promoting hair growth.

In addition to the use of whole peanuts, there is also a recipe that uses crushed peanuts to make crunchy candies, which is thicker and more flavorful.

Prune-flavored crunch candy, or daxiasu (酥 酥), For many people, longing, especially in northern China, is a childhood memory. It is a small, cylindrical candy wrapped in red paper. The candy is smooth, the white surface is very crisp, and is filled with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and other delicate ingredients.

Crunch and sweetness to delight the winter spirit


The ducks It has almond, crank filling.

Cranchi candies can be a little sweeter, as the salt tastes rich in malts and nuts. Luxihe Taosu’s recently released new peanut cranberry candy is salty and peppery in addition to the original dessert. Salt provides a perfectly balanced taste and the candies are more nutritious and more fragrant than sweet ones.

Grains and cereals are also made into cranberry candy. Rice, sorghum, and oats are first grown as popcorn, then tossed with malt syrup, coated in the same way, then cooled, and cut into candy bars.

Crunch and sweetness to delight the winter spirit


Crunch rice popcorn candy

Traditional soy cranchi candy is made with a mixture of hot maltos and soy flour. The sweet dough is folded and rolled to form many thin, thin layers. Filling can also be increased during the bending process, and additional layers require more soy flour, so the sweetness of the candy can affect the number of layers.

Crunchy candies are best when freshly prepared and cut, and some recipes are not too complicated to make at home.

Black sesame cranberry candy

Cranberry candy is made with nutritious black sesame seeds.

Inputs drop-

Roasted black sesame, 500 g

Roasted walnuts, 150 g

Roasted Peanuts, 150 g

Maltos, 380 g

Refined sugar, 100 g

Sugar, 50 g


1. Seeds and fruits should be stirred first to release their full aroma and taste. You can buy roasted black sesame from the market and cook peanuts and walnuts in your home oven (20 minutes for almonds, 6 minutes for walnuts at 160 degrees Celsius). When preparing malts, heat the nuts and seeds.

2. Melt the maltos and a little sugar over medium heat in a non-stick pan. Do not stir until melted, then turn to low heat and stir constantly, stirring the syrup to 116 degrees Celsius.

3. Pour the nuts and seeds into the maltos syrup and mix well and quickly while the pot is on low heat. Butter on the baking sheet and then pour the mixture. Press it with the thin rotating pin.

4. When the heat has cooled and is still warm, cut the black sesame candy into small pieces. If it is completely frozen, a hard texture will make it more difficult to cut.

Crunch and sweetness to delight the winter spirit


Black sesame cranberry candy