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The ongoing cholera epidemic has not changed as much as it has in the past – many of us are responsible for the stress we feel inside, including staying awake and sleepless nights.

These “quarantine blues” cannot affect you emotionally. They can also cause cracks in your face, cabinet fever, and even hair loss.

If you are losing more hair than usual, you are not alone. Many people experience hair loss as a result of anxiety. Retailers are seeing an increase in “hair safety sales”.

If you have hair loss that is not normal for you, as always, it is best to talk to a doctor (after all, you know your hair well!).

But we also asked some hairdressers and professionals – who Literally Know the inside of the hair – their tips on how to stop hair loss. See below for information on hair loss caused by stress.

What is the difference between hair loss and hair loss?

Even if your hair falls out, it may not really be considered “hair loss”.

On average, we can shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. Anything more than that is considered excessive hair loss. The technical term is telogen influenza and is usually temporary.

The “hair loss” you may experience now – seeing too many strands of hair in the bathroom or at the end of the day – is not technically considered a hair loss. Scientifically, hair loss means that your hair is never growing, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Instead, think of it as a trivial matter with the Telegen Fluvium, says Kali Ferrara, a New York City-based hairdresser. According to Ferrara, it causes some follicles to fall and can only occur with “normal life stress”. Postpartum depression is similar to postpartum hair loss.

With so many of us now feeling anxious, it is not surprising that we feel overwhelmed. AADA also says that a variety of stressors – including weight loss and high fever – can cause bleeding.

But if you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about losing more threads than usual, it is important to first contact the stressors that are causing your symptoms.

Stress should be focused on how to manage it in a healthy way.

– Stylist Faye Norris at the Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles

“It is almost always a temporary condition and there are some strong medications that can help you gain weight or grow faster,” says hairdresser Faye Norris, a Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles. But the focus should be on how to manage stress in a healthy way.

Important Note – There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but there are many ways to deal with all the stress you may feel.

What can you do about hair loss now?

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions.  & nbsp;

Here are some tips for our hairdressers.

There are many other ways you can improve your hair before you go for hair loss and products. Having healthy hair is not just about worrying about the combination of shampoo and conditioner.

“Being healthy on the inside is the first and foremost way to prevent stressful hair loss,” says Ferrara. For her, that means eating healthy food, exercising regularly, looking for ways to control stress and take vitamins (she loves vitiligo hair and nail polish).

When it comes to your right skull, Norris recommends giving you the much-needed R&R through massage. She has a massage of the scalp for four minutes a day, which helps the blood flow and makes it a little higher for your veins. These massages can also be used as a way to reduce stress: a win-win situation. To help massage, you can even try one of those hand scrubs or a scalp massage shampoo from Amazon.

You may also want to abandon your Dyson Superminic or Revlon one-step. If you are worried about shedding, hot tubs may not be a good idea.

“If you think you are losing hair because of stress, I will stop using the heat on your hair first,” says Rago.

She recommends washing your hair daily, lowering hair products, and using hot tools to dry and style your locks. She says she wants to leave your hair down or in a loose low ponytail, especially by using a silk-felt scratch instead of a rubber one. (Our marketers swear by silk silk ties.)

Rago also recommends using a hair mask once a week. The most popular deep hair masks we have found on Sephora are Brio, Verb, Amica, and Kiel.

What should you look for in hair removal products?

When it comes to your hair, you need to be very careful about the products you use.  & nbsp;

When it comes to your hair, you need to be very careful about the products you use.

Of course, when it comes to your hair, you need to be careful about what you buy and what DIY hair extensions try.

“Even though there is a home remedy for everything at the moment, they make the decision to trust the specialist and to treat it locally or in other forms of treatment,” said Nick Senson, director of art at L’Oréal. .

Sulfate is one of the ingredients you need to avoid in your hair care products. Londy says sulfate-containing products can be harsh and damage your hair follicles. Sulfate is common in hair care, but you can get the natural oils your hair needs.

On the other hand, all of our experts can recommend two ingredients in particular for hair loss and hair loss: minoxidil and biotin.

Minoxidil is a dietary and pharmaceutical ingredient found in Rogane products — a product similar to the growth of hair loss.

“Minoxidil, a 5% or 2% strength, is one of the most sought after ingredients for hair growth. None of this combination of methods and spices will succeed. ” But it can jump from one drug to another, and science has a monopoly.

The other is the biotin you see in supplements and shampoos on the shelves. Although there is a small gray area when it comes to biotin. Some say that it is not a “miracle” product. Then there are those who swear.

Of course, it is wise to question any product that promises magical results.

“We all know that the hair loss industry is known for its big claims and questionable results, so my idea is to use what has been tested and proven rather than the“ new thing ”,” Norris said.

If you are wondering what products our hair care professionals recommend, we have compiled all of the approved hair removal products below. look out.

Check out these professionally recommended products for lightening and shedding:

Neoxin Minoxidil Hair Growth Treatment


Norris recommends this product, and London generally recommends a neoxin brand.

Along with Rogain, Norris says that some of the best (non-prescription) products have come from this product. Neoxin also produces products for both men and women.

Get it for $ 36 in Utah.

Hair Loss Products From Rogain


Matrix Biolag RAW Raising Shampoo and Conditioner


Vitafusion Beautiful hair, skin and nails with many vitamins


Affordable, affordable and “good taste!” Because of this, Ferrara swears by these extra biotin.

Get them at Walmart for $ 12.

Hair dye products in front of you


R + Co DALLAS Biotin Thick Shame oo

Leather Store

This shampoo is recommended by Rago.

“I always recommend this candle to my clients who have thin or thin hair,” she said. “Biotin increases hair strength, saws Palmetto berry promotes hair growth, and coconut oil in sham prevents further breakage.”

Get it at Dermstore for $ 29.

Bumble and Bumble full potential sham oo and conditioner


“This product is easy for people with thinning hair. It helps to strengthen and reduce fractures while preventing headaches from accumulating, ”said Rago.

Get Shampoo on Sepora for $ 31 and conditioner for $ 34.