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After being trapped at home because of the epidemic, they were about to leave. As you prepare, you look closely at the mirror. To your shock, gray hair is a shock to your spine. Tragic problems keep getting worse, right? First a locked lock and now gray hair. Well, don’t worry yet, because that anxiety and stress can trigger white hair. Here are some reasons why premature gray hair is very common in youth and how to fight it.

Do not worry, practice yoga


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Stress can be a major cause of premature graying of hair, of course, in addition to your genetics. If you are worried that your health is deteriorating, your sleep cycle is tight and your diet is going to throw up, then all of this can lead to gray hair in general.

As a way to deal with stress and gray hair, you must first prioritize your mental health. Seek treatment at home or engage in stress-reducing practices. Practice yoga or learn more about self-care from your counselor. Consistency is key.

Find out the ingredients in your hair products

Hair products

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If your hair products contain heavy chemicals such as sulfate, parabens and floats, this may be the reason. We like to use expensive products to keep our hair strong and beautiful. However, in the long run, the chemicals can damage the health of our hair. Do not ignore the list of ingredients before buying hair products.

You can try to get products with less harsh chemicals. You can also use natural alternatives such as shampoos and powders Reta, Amla, Shikakai Or rice water at least twice a week to maintain balance. You can make your own shampoo by boiling the powdered forms with flaxseed in water.

Stop smoking


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Smoking is harmful not only to your lungs but also to your hair. Hair follicles are damaged by the toxins in cigarettes, which makes them gray. Smoking can also reduce oxidative stress and blood flow with your hair follicles, which contribute to hair loss.

The only solution for you is to stop smoking. Like any other habit, it is not possible to get rid of it right away, but gradually eliminating it will benefit your overall health. Create boundaries and exercise self-control.

Regularly oil your hair

It does not normally lubricate

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Dyeing your hair with oil provides the deep preparation needed to grow your hair soft and strong. It is the key to keeping your hair healthy. Abnormal or never applying oil can dry out your scalp and damage your blood circulation. It causes not only gray hair but also hair loss.

Start your hair with oil once a week. Now that we work from home most of the time, increase the frequency at your convenience. Choose natural oils such as coconut or sesame oil. For deeper conditions, you can heat the oil and apply it on the elbows and leave it on for at least a few hours before washing.

Remove the trash

Improper diet

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Consuming too much junk food and neglecting healthy foods can primarily damage your health and hair. Your diet is a very direct and important aspect of healthy hair and overall well-being. Ingredients such as sugar, monosodium glutamate, soda and excess oil in junk food can be funny in your hair. Instead, move on to a more green diet and limit your unwanted food intake. Eat lots of fruits and juices when you crave something sweet. You eat, and so does your hair.

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