If you have 25 years of hair loss then get a haircut. When you are 60 years old, then take it

Hair loss is a part of life. It affects people of all walks of life, however, some people are more vulnerable than others. According to the Indian Medical Association, two-thirds of the current male population suffers from hair loss at the age of 32. Some even become victims in their 20’s, which is shocking.

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including lifestyle choices, diet, medical conditions, medications, stress, traumatic injuries, and so on. For the most part, it is hereditary. Hair loss under countless factors is one of the most advanced and safe ways to deal with hair loss.

Therefore, the question asked about each treatment is the appropriate age for him, “What is the best age to get a hairdresser?”

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “right” age for a hair transplant, and any age is right here and there with a few clicks. It does not matter if you notice the first signs of hair loss at 23 or if you are completely bald at age 70. Clearly, this lack of restraint is also true for both sexes and social domains.

Despite the myths surrounding it, women can also opt for hair removal to enhance the size and appearance of their hair, and treat baldness that may come with aging. Burnt victims are given the opportunity to recover, to regain self-confidence, and to heal emotionally and physically through hair transplantation.

It is important to note that this is general and that no matter how old a person is, a specialist such as Dr. Adarsh, the founder of Sarayu Clinics, can tell you about the pattern of hair loss, the size of the bald area, the quality of the donor hair, and so on.

Dr. Adarsh ​​Tripatati, the young and passionate founder of Sarayu Clinics, is one of the best hairdressing surgeons in India. As the only Indian to perform 4K UHD transplantation, it is not surprising that his knowledge of 4th grade to 7th baldness is being cured by 4th generation Scarless FUT technique. To make an appointment with him, the trust and confidence in the work goes beyond the national level, as is the case with many customers in many countries. He is truly the master of the business and Sarayu Clinics is his imaginary absolute invention.

Regarding his view of the above question, he said, “I want all young people to ask themselves, ‘Do I want to see 40 when I’m 25? ‘. Adolescence is perhaps the most exciting, carefree, and part of one’s life. So, what good is it to wait up to 40 years and spend the rest of your youth shaving? There is no reason to ‘wait’ for a hair transplant. If you have 25 years of hair loss then get a haircut. When you are 60 years old, then take it. Obviously, in addition to these partial emotional reasons, there are logical reasons for me to come to this conclusion. Hair transplantation at the first signs of rapid hair loss allows for a more generous environment and less replacement space, resulting in a more natural result.

The results are so high that it is impossible for any ordinary person to predict a transplant. You can see these results with Dr. Adarsh’s profession and spirit on instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ dradarshtripathi /

With the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) technique, follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) and microscopic hair transplantation, the salons ensure that the “donor” hair is not affected by the target and gives a permanent and natural looking result. DHT hormone. Two or three strands of hair are produced and then planted in a shaved area. Each hair is styled individually and at right angles to ensure smooth and natural hair. In this procedure, the highly skilled and experienced Dr. Adarsh ​​Surgeon Team will treat facial hair reconstruction, crown area restoration, inherited high hairline, scalp or facial scarring, beard repair and eyebrow implantation. .

Analyzing the myth that hair quality depends on the length or size of the hair on your scalp, Dr. Adarsh ​​said, “It doesn’t always matter how much hair you have after a change. Successful transplants take into account other factors, such as hairline and density. Perfect hairline and good density often outweigh the importance of the amount of hair on your head.

Obviously, when you think about getting this beautiful hairstyle, this is what most of us expect today, but do not despair if you want a hair transplant and are not qualified for it. Focus on yourself; Your patience; You can easily get rid of hair loss problems. It is not the end of the line, given the debt on the vast majority of surgical options available today. Products that promote hair growth and size in the short term can be a real lifesaver if given the opportunity.

Talk to your hairdresser now and find out the best way for yourself. You can view our professionalism at www.sarayuclinics.com or contact us at +91 9990333300 to book your consultation today.

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