These jealousies have made the lives of the victims miserable.

It included chasing after an ex-girlfriend or a stranger, and their selfish actions had dire consequences for them.

One said she had lost weight, and the other said that she had suffered from hair loss due to stress.

In recent months, some attackers have been brought before the Manchester courts.

Ahmed Kubadper

Ahmed Kubadper

Qhobadpour’s victim rejects her love affair and launches a vicious harassment campaign.

He even began to chase after her friend.

Qhobadpour met the woman at a hookah bar.

After parting ways with her boyfriend, Qhobadpour began asking her to leave one day.

He got angry after telling her that he loved her as a ‘friend’ or ‘brother.’

Qhobadpour started calling her repeatedly, up to 100 times a day, and ignoring her 75 times the next day.

She should have blocked him on social media, but he didn’t get the message.

Out of fear of her own life, the woman decided to leave home and live with her friend.

He then turned his attention to his girlfriend, constantly asking her where she was.

She decided to lie to him and tell him she was not sick.

The first victim decided to confront Qhobadpour.

“I meet you and I love you,” he warned.

Qhobadpour also said he was forcing her to make a video of her ‘sleeping around’ to ‘destroy her reputation’.

They told her she would get another phone call and ‘rape her on the street in front of everyone.’

On another occasion, after spending a night with her boyfriend and boyfriend, Qhobadpour ‘suddenly appeared’.

As she drove, she started hitting and hitting the car.

A friend described her hair loss as a result of Qhobadpour’s asylum crisis, saying:

Qhobadpour, on Beverly Street, Rusholme, pleaded guilty to two counts and was sentenced to two years in prison last month.

Tozumul Hussein

Hussein was in custody at the Minshul Street Crown Court

One day in the park, she was having fun with her son when she saw her ex-husband hiding behind a tree and taking pictures of her.

Hussein, 35, then ran towards her, grabbed the keys to her house, before grabbing the car and ‘walking on the road.’

After being told by police that she could not be found immediately, she had to seek shelter for three hours in a nearby cemetery before spending the night at her sister’s house.

According to the Manchester Crown Court, their ‘fair relationship’ Ended in 2018.

It was in November of the following year that Hussein was favored.

The next day, she returned home to find that her house had been badly damaged.

Minutes after she arrived, Hussein came home and asked for the door to be locked.

He was later arrested by police.

After his release, he called his ex-girlfriend fifteen times, hoping to end the affair.

Judge Tina Landdale tried to intimidate her ex-partner in a court decision.

The judge said: “This is very serious because she has completely ignored her right to do as she pleases.

“Your connection has been terminated.

You don’t accept that, you know you don’t want her in her life, but you go and hide in the park and then take the keys and there you are and her property is maliciously damaged.

Hussein, from Claremont Street in Chad, was arrested in March after pleading guilty to felony criminal mischief.

Raymond Sharps

Sharps was remanded in custody after a court hearing in Manchester

Sharps led the victim to the brink of suicide.

After watching it on TV, he began to send letters to the woman, a complete stranger, sexually explicit.

Concerned, the woman began writing a suicide note.

As a graduate student in Manchester, she was talking about her mental health issues at an ETV show.

Sharps, 64, looked on social media and found her email address.

He told her that she was ‘beautiful’ and that he should ‘crush’ her.

The woman thought the message was “horrible” but “laughed”.

She did not respond to that or any other email.

Sharps then sent a package to Smith’s parents’ home with Smith, photos of himself, and a 5-pound CD.

When she found out that he had sent the goods, she began to “fear.”

In the letter, he said, “I want you to be my last thought before I go to forget.

He also sent three letters to her home and three letters to the department at her university.

Sharps told her that she had no reason to be proud of herself because she was a “wonderful”, “dead beauty” and “the most beautiful and sexy girl on the planet.”

The woman said she found the letters “disgusting” and felt “violated” and “paralyzed”.

She said that she had started writing suicide notes.

Ashdud Drive, Bolton Sharps, was socially excluded after a judge was told he was experiencing a “crisis” in his life and as a full-time caregiver for his wife.

In May last year, he was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and suspended for 18 months.

Nicholas Doyle

Nicholas Doyle

Doyle’s 17-month campaign evicted the victim from her home.

She lost weight, asked for help from women, and began to carry personal alarms.

“I have never been more afraid or in control and I worry about what he will do,” she said.

She had been in a relationship with Doyle for three years, but they separated in May 2019.

If she did not respond, Doyle threw her messages, calls, and threats, saying, ‘It will ruin her life.’

He came to her house and damaged her car. She left two months later.

Doyle, 30, then took to social media to create fake Facebook accounts and send a number of text messages.

One said, “What a shock you weren’t at home. Next time, look out the window.”

At one point, Doyle told her that she could get bank details.

The next day, I received a bank alert telling her that the account had been deposited.

Even after Doyle was arrested and remanded in custody, he emailed her, saying “her life was in his hands.”

He was jailed for two years in January after being convicted of harassment by Doyle, High Blackley.

In a letter to the court, Doyle wrote: “I sincerely hope that she will continue to do so.

I could no longer feel sorry for her and never met her.

Kyle Bell

Kyle Bell

Bell’s ex-girlfriend ‘was tired of living in fear.’

She had been cheating on him for months by cutting off her TV and internet access and using her iCloud account to track her.

His ‘extended’ and ‘determined’ campaign included following her, cutting her tires, and giving people money to look for her.

Bell, 27, ‘struggled to accept’ their separation.

Bell, who was previously convicted of harassing another ex-girlfriend within seven months, said she was “very worried.”

After an appointment with her co-worker at Liverpool Liverpool, Bell called her and said she knew she was going to town.

He had access to her iCloud account while they were together.

The tires were cut on five different occasions.

And later she realized that she had stopped working on television and the Internet.

An engineer made no mistake, but later the cables to her house were discovered.

Bell paid for her search, and arranged for her ex-boyfriend and girlfriend to ‘name and hurt’ her.

“You are an immature bully and you have to learn that your actions have consequences not only for you but for other people as well,” said Judge Bernadette Backster.

“You have made this woman’s life miserable.”

At the closing of Radford, Bell at Stockport, he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault or aggravated assault.

The lawyer is at work and is being held in solitary confinement after being found at risk of “additional guilt.”

He was sentenced to 21 months in prison in June and suspended for two years.

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