There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of your eyebrows, and shaving – in part or in full – is not uncommon.

But before you take a razor to your blades, you may have a few burning questions: Will you grow again? Do they look the same? How can you shave a sensitive area?

We are here to help. Below you will find answers to your questions for a safe experiment with eyebrow shaving.

Safety first, of course. So how safe is it to shave your money?

Broke, Joy Haley, a browser expert, brand founder and self-proclaimed king, says it’s okay to do it carefully and use the right tools and products.

He warns, however, that it is a choice they want to make.

“It’s an extreme act and you have to consider why you should shave your face completely. It completely changes your appearance, so it’s not easy to ignore. ” They grow, but it takes time.

Allison Angold, beauty and massage therapist, eyebrow shave is generally safe.

Angol, on the other hand, is much thinner and is more sensitive than other areas where we shave, as the skin under the eyes is much thinner and lies directly on the bone.

This means an increased risk of scratches, cuts and bleeding.

She points out that there are many other effective options for hair removal, such as shaving or waxing, especially by a professional.

“The eyebrows are small,” she says. “It’s hard to shave here, so you need to be right”

Healy explains that when they shave anything, they do not remove the hair from the roots. Instead, they are cutting hair on the floor where it breaks.

They do not remove the hair completely, so they will soon see straw.

Angold, on the other hand, seems to grow hard and “like straw.” Instead of flattening hair, it can grow naturally and fluids that can grow naturally outside the skin.

Shaved hair also has fine, fuzzy ends. So, when you have hair growth, you will often see a narrower base than the soft and thin part that comes back from time to time – if you really let it grow that far before you remove it.

We must destroy another myth – shaving your beard will never grow. Haley says this has no basis in fact.

“They are not ruining the hair follicles,” explains Healy. (Your money) may seem strange for a while, but it will grow again.

Shaving your penis has some risk of injury, but only if it touches your skin.

You may notice some annoyance just as you would when you were shaving in another area.

“If you are not careful, you could end up hurting yourself because it is a sensitive area of ​​your eyes. You may have to cut yourself and burn some razor, ”says Haley.

Although for the most part, you don’t have to worry about hyperpigmentation or scarring. The more carefully and accurately you do, the better you can avoid any noise.

Access to a standard old razor? You may want to revisit that: for this job, you need an eyebrow-based razor.

Angold explains that a standard razor is often too large. It also says, “You can’t get in good shape, and you risk getting rid of hair that you don’t want to get rid of.”

So, avoid 5-razor razors that you use on areas such as your legs or armpits. You need something more precise, like a small razor intended for eyebrows.

Haley recommends a straight, trimmed razor, which can be difficult to cut when the service is inadequate. A razor with no service, it can be as sharp as straight knives for medical dermaplaning.

Haley recommends a Grooming Dermablade Trio that can be assembled and used frequently. Between uses, use only alcohol.

Tried to dye on some shaving cream? This is not strictly necessary, but if you feel more comfortable using some moisturizing agent, choose one that is gentle on your skin.

Apply only on the hair you want to remove, as applying too much cream can make it difficult to see where you are shaving.

Many people like to apply their bristles on short, down-to-skin bras on clean, dry skin. Says Haley.

Try these tips for success

  • Gently pull up to your forehead and hold your eyebrows. You want to use your dominant hand to shave your skin and your main hand.
  • Petroleum jelly can help cover any hair you want. This will also help prevent accidental shaving.
  • Using your razor blade, gently slide the hair in the direction of growth.
  • Skip any rough spots, such as bugs or mice.
  • To help reduce the chance of a razor burn, avoid shaving too often in the same area.
  • Gently wash your face to remove shaved hair and any shaving cream or lotion.

You may notice some redness and irritation after shaving.

Angold recommends topical gels such as aloe vera or witchcraft. This may help:

  • Relax your skin
  • Prevention of redness
  • Promote healing

Even if your skin does not look red, using a soothing gel or ointment after shaving will never hurt. In short – postpartum care is always important.

Hair growth can vary greatly from person to person. In general, however, after removing your hair from the roots, you will notice faster growth than waxing or cutting.

However, re-growth here also depends on your personal hair growth rate.

You can expect straw to appear in a few days. According to Haley, if you completely shave your money, it can take up to 6 weeks for you to recover.

Also note that removing the peach fuse around the eye does not produce straw.

“That peach fuzzy never grows back, because it’s just like that – noise. Not associated with Sebak Grant. ”

The effects of peach fuzz or vellus hair removal usually last between 6 and 8 weeks.

It can be a quick way to do some cleaning.

Haley says customers usually shave around the deceased, including the center of the deceased, the temple, and the forehead.

People who shave can do it just because it is fun to change things. If you want to paint or apply makeup for makeup, this can also help to clean the canvas.

“We have some clients who are pulling actors or in the theater, and they want to shave their entire eyebrows, so they can improve for performance again,” he said.

Online trends – especially on TikTok – also seem to be high on eyebrows.

Haley mentions the TikTok trend of 2020, the fox’s eye, the way people shaved off the last half of their beard and made their cheeks look bigger.

Shaving your eyebrows comes with some possible side effects. Haley offers a few things to consider:

  • Growing up is a little stubborn and stupid.
  • Shaving completely helps keep these materials in contact with your eyes, as dust helps keep dust, debris, and sweat from getting into your eyes.
  • You are at risk of having a sensitive skin cut in your bright area.
  • When you shave to clean up your browsers or add a stylish look, you may end up with one side over and over with the wrong eyebrows.

If you do not like the result after shaving, it is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to make quick changes like Banda Makeup. Instead, be patient and wait for your hair to grow back.

If you choose to swing, thread, microblide or shave your eyebrows completely, be sure to try it carefully. When shaving, choose a special razor for the eyebrows and use a gentle touch.

Remember, when the straw comes back in a few days, it can take several weeks for the forehead to return to its original shape.

Brenna Mona is a writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a master’s degree in media, journalism, health, lifestyle, and leisure.