At the heart of Nutrafol products is the Syringe Complex, which owns marine collagen, ashwagandada, palm tree, curcumin, tocopherolol complex, revratrol, and kelp. Their scientific findings have been reviewed in parallel, and formulas and ingredients have been tested in clinical, plabo-controlled, and two-blind experiments. The company also recently received the # 1 dermatologist’s recommended approval stamp.

Nutrafol has been shown to be innovative in hair loss solutions, which until recently had limited options. One of the most popular brands is Loniton, which was launched in 1988 under the name Rogain. General appearance, minoxidil, It was started in 1986. Both are still widely used in topical products today, which work by expanding blood vessels to provide nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. A platelet-rich plasma injection is another, painful and expensive alternative, which allows plasma to be separated from the blood and re-inserted into the brain. Hair transplants offer another solution: The market is projected to grow by $ 6 billion by $ 7.9 billion by 2020 in just seven years, but they are less likely to achieve the desired results in terms of different styles of shaving in men and women. Female companions. Prescription drugs such as spironolactone and finasteride are FDA approved and labeled, but they come with side effects such as decreased libido.

In the face of consumerism, product launches seek to cater to female customers through medically proven results or natural alternatives. Pureauty Naturals has released commercially available biotin hair serum for minoxidil. Virtue recently launched two keratin-based treatments for nighttime hair growth and nighttime rehabilitation. “We wanted to focus not only on creating a more fertile environment for hair growth, but also on nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles. Our Alpha Keratin 60K technology is clinically proven to fatten, strengthen and nourish every strand of hair, so your hair has a better chance of surviving and growing, ”said Melissa Shabban, co-founder and CEO. In an independent clinical trial, elbow thickness increased by 22% and hair loss by 26%.

MONPURE is a vegan skin and hair health product that lends skin care activities such as retinol and lactic acid to promote skin and follicle health. “We created MONPURE to bridge the gap between skin care and hair care. Our research shows that hair products are treated with products that contain strong toxic chemicals, and generally focus on the hair rather than the scalp. We want to change the way we take care of our hair, ”explains founder Nathaniel Bigger. The company has launched a #ItNotJustHair campaign to tackle Covy’s hair loss on social media.

Telehell’s Hems and Hers have finalized the support of Jennifer Lopez to open up the discussion on women’s hair loss – and more effective issues may arise. While consumers may have been hiding in the past, the more they discuss what products help (and do not help) in their struggle, the more open the industry will be to highlight the offerings and create a supportive network in the process. We have a whole lot of industries that are built around fear methods using these very vulnerable conditions. We are approached in a very different way – our core identity continues to grow. It’s a really slow response, but people are clinging to us, ”said Tessis. But it all has to start with reducing the humiliation of users and giving them hope for proven solutions. As Tesses put it, “Every time people start talking about it, that distortion is astronomy.