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The hair products you use are key tools in combating breakage. Since damaged hair will dry out, it is important to keep it moist to fill the strands. Humectant oils become your BFF here. “Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter and avocado oil are all excellent humectant ingredients that promote moisturizing and tightening of the outer hair,” says Dr. Hartman. But before you soak your hair in VAT in Jamaican black castor oil, consider the appearance of your hair. “Sometimes thick oils do not wash well and can cause weight gain and grease,” warns Paul Jarod Frank MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Use those products a little easier on your way to recovery.

When buying a shampoo, look for moisturizers and sulfur-free ones that are suitable for your hair type. Monday Hair Moisture Moisturizing Shampoo or Beauty Carol’s Girl Wash Day Try everything from water to foam shampoo with pink water. Weekly deep conditioners are highly recommended by Dr. Yadav, and if you ask us, they are a must. Briogeo Do Not Give Up, Repairs Deep Conditioning Mask has won many readers’ choice awards and gives some damaged moisture to damaged hair, making it feel fresh. It does not hurt to have hair loss.

Monday Hair Care Moisture Shampoo bottle on white background

Monday Hair Care Moisture Shampoo

The bottle can hold a bottle, shampoo, food and ketchup

Enjoy rose water from a water-to-bubble shampoo for Carol’s baby shower

Do not despair Briogeo, repair!  Deep adjustment hair mask

Do not despair Briogeo, repair! Deep adjustment hair mask

All of the dermatologists we spoke to told us that sleeping on a silk or satin pillow would reduce cracking, because the fibers that glow – they are much softer on your skin. My skate makes beautiful silk pillows, but if they are a little expensive, Kitsch offers good satin accessories. Still looking for more options? If you need to visit, we have a full set of soft pillows for you to sleep on.

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The same idea applies to microfiber towels – they are softer than terry cloth, so it’s a good idea to invest in one regardless of your hair condition. The Aquarius microfiber towel is a favorite of fans – especially those we love in the easy-to-use turban version. The Volo Hero Towel won the Best Beauty Award this year, and Kitsch, once again, entered the clutch of his own choice.

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Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

The pale pink volo hero's quick dry towel came out of an open tube on a white background.

For those with curly or curly hair, styling protection can be an effective tool to prevent breakage, says Dr. Yadav. If done correctly. Make sure your metaphor is not too strict or too cohesive, as this will serve a purpose.

When should I stop breaking?

There are some cases where your hair is very damaged, you may want to completely remove the weak parts of the tail instead of treating small hairs everywhere. Depending on your fracture, you may be able to cut off the damaged ends gradually, but talk to your stylist first before picking up the scissors. As a general rule, “there is no way to repair them once the ends have split,” said Dr. Yadav. “You can temporarily” tie “hair strands with different products, but the damage is done and should be cut as soon as possible. This will help prevent breakage from going up and damage new / new growth.”

Will my hair break grow again?

The good news is, yes, your damaged hair can grow again. After all, hair grows from the roots, so don’t worry about it.