His fight with the former Liberal Democrats and one-time star Mark Otten has led to a public outcry.

The lawmaker, who was ousted by a newspaper for six months after having an affair with a male sex worker, blamed a middle-aged crisis on stress and hair loss, and retreated to save his family’s life with his wife, Belinda, and their two young daughters.

He resigned from the party’s front seat and was re-elected as a Member of Parliament.

Now, 15 years later, Mark, 57, says he will have a “second life” – after marrying the man he met six years ago.

Describing himself and Belinda as “the best divorced couple we know,” he describes how his two daughters – now in their 20s – spoke at the wedding and welcomed Chris, 39, as part of a “non-working family.”

When he and Chris met on Tinder, Mark explained that he was not yet his mother – or his daughters.

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Mark and Chris at home with their pets


Stan Kujawa)

He said: “I saw many complexities about homosexuality.

“At that time my mother did not know, and my children did not know.

There were many other bags, but when I met Chris, I knew I was gay.

Property investor Chris knew it was something special from their first day – lunch at a local village bar.

But he says that Mark was “suspicious” to begin with. “I was fighting with other men, and they didn’t have the same personality as Chris. They were people who wanted to have fun.

I need someone to embrace my children and describe our family as inactive.

After realizing that he was that person, Chris said that the next hurdle was for his family to “get out and go out.”

Mark enjoys a family barbecue with his new partner, his ex-wife Belinda, and their daughters


Stan Kujawa)

Mark recalls: “It was a very important time when I was able to tell my daughters and tell my mother.

“Once you tell your children and your mother, there is nothing left.

“There were no tears. I was in a restaurant with the girls and I felt that they liked him, so I gradually dropped him into the conversation.

They were both very fond of him and eager to talk about our wedding. My mother was taken to Chris. She’s in a lot of trouble with the headlines, so I’m glad she came out on the other side and found someone like Chris.

The wedding day of Chris and Mark


Martin East (a true love photo)

Five years later, they were married in November, and Mark suggested walking in a muddy forest with one of his legs in one of Chris’s favorite places near Suri.

When they exchanged vows last month, Mark said they were blessed with Belinda. Her sister was one of 30 guests, and after the ceremony at the registry office, they took part in the country cottage garden with ribbons hanging from their trees.

He and Chris share their lives with an animal menu, including sheep, goats, cats, chickens, and two dogs.

As the world progressed, Mark was a spokesman for Winchester, Huntes and Lib Dem.

A Sunday newspaper reported on the time he spent with a 23-year-old man who advertised his service in a magazine and shared it with a third person.

A.D. Mark and Balinda, who appeared here in 2006, are still strong friends



Mark, sitting next to his new wife, said: “I have to remind people that I have not violated any law or any law. I tore up my wedding pictures and regretted it.

“I was working hard. I was unhappy and found this desperate desire to explore my sexuality and escape this crazy Westminster world.

“I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

But I don’t beat myself up for all of this, because, surprisingly, I’ve been able to put my life together for the worse – and I’m happier now than ever. He said that his fall from the scandal was ultimately useful – “I remember articles by psychiatrists explaining why I did what I did, and I thought, ‘Wait, what’s really going on here?’

So I went and consulted – and that was really helpful.

Mark says he is happy to have his ‘second life’


Stan Kujawa)

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He now sees it as a rebirth. Two parallel lines on his feet represent what he calls his life.

“I feel like this is my second life,” he said. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I became a homosexual when I was 18 years old. I am really happy that I gave birth to my children.

“If you had any doubts about your suspicions, it would not have lasted for five seconds,” said Mark, who briefly asked about his sexuality as a teenager, but he was in a “very serious general situation in Watford.”
Absolutely not. When he finds Belinda in his 20s and falls completely in love, he says, “Everything is broken.”

He said, “That was very special. And we were very, very happy.

“Instead of accepting it, many people are gays, lesbians, gays and lesbians. – I strongly believe that homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / homosexuals / differences / scales / differences / differences.

“I think these scales can slip and fall at different points in their lives.

“This does not mean that if you are not happy with one thing or that you are happy with another, things will move.

But I think backwards, and 40 years ago it was a different world.

Their relationship is far from tragic. He said, “Belinda and I are the best divorced couples we know. She is like my best friend. “We always have a barbecue in or near it – and it makes it much easier for girls. She moved and found a partner and is really happy.

We have a family discussion group called “We Don’t Work.” We are always on this.

But I will talk to Bilinda about girls or life.

“Because I am the only child, it is like having a sister. I love her family. I talk to my ex-mother-in-law. I say to some friends who are considering divorce, why do you turn this into a war? ”

He says the real battle was at work in Westminster.

His betrayal of another man took place just days before the news broke.

If he remained a member of parliament, he would say, “I could have been very ill or died of a heart attack. I think I’m in serious trouble. It’s not just his job, it’s the pressure of all this – it was huge. I don’t think I’m brave enough.

And I end up with constant chest pains and sweating.

He added: “I was not in a good mood either. It was ridiculous to even put myself forward for something I didn’t want. But everyone who tells you what to do will come up with this roller coaster. If I had been very sick, I would have killed myself because of the stress. There were a few weeks that others had to cover for me, I could not get out of bed. ”

Mark – now head of the National Chamber of Commerce – says Westminster does not think he is gay but says the drinking culture continues to be bad. He said, “It’s the opposite sex, the horrible way some members of parliament treat women.

“I was waiting for the most exciting event. He is called ‘the mother of all parliaments.’ Well, I feel like an evil sorcerer. Of course, making rules is not a healthy place to be. ”

The rising star was chosen as the new Lib Dem leader

A.D. In 1997, Mark, a 33-year-old former public relations consultant, won a two-vote victory over conservative Jerry Malon in Winchester.

The newcomer quickly took the party to the right in immigration and crime and made a name for himself.

He had high hopes of succeeding Charles Kennedy in January 2006, when he announced his resignation due to health problems.

But shortly after he resigned, citing a lack of support, Mark, a married couple with two daughters, became the center of a newspaper in his personal life.

One Sunday, the newspaper published interesting details about his six-month relationship with a male escort: Mark was paid to attend group meetings with men.

He said his use of male escorts at the time was a response to the pressures of life in parliament and hair loss.

He stayed with Belinda before retiring from politics in 2010 – surprisingly, Lib Dems finally joined forces with David Cameron’s conservatives to seize power.

If history had been different, it could have been Mark – and rival Nick Craig was not given a seat at the top of the table.