Washing your hair often does not cause it to fall out more (Image Getty)

Hair loss is often an emotional issue.

Hair can be a big part of a person’s sense of identity and identity, not just about appearance.

August is a month of hair loss awareness, so it’s a good time to get rid of some myths about why hair loss occurs.

Leading hairdressing product Viviscal is working with Dr. Sarah Kayat to do this.

Dr. Sarah tells Metro.co.uk that there are four major myths that do not help when fighting hair loss:

  • Hair loss is transmitted through your mother’s family: It may be hereditary in nature, but a responsible gene can be passed on from both sides of the family.
  • Bathing causes a lot of hair to fall out: Bathing does not affect hair loss or hair growth rate
  • Bald men have a lot of testosterone: It is the sensitivity of your hair follicles to testosterone residue that plays a big role in the amount of testosterone in men.
  • Cutting hair makes it thicker: Cutting hair can make it look thicker, but it has no effect on the actual thickness of the follicle.

Understanding the science behind hair loss is complicated, which is why these myths can be auctioned off to understand it.

But Dr. Sarah tells us, ‘Hair loss treatments depend on the cause,’ so finding the truth can affect what you can do to stimulate growth and prevent further thinning.

“For example, if your hair loss is due to malnutrition, you may be advised to take extra supplements,” she explains.

‘If you have male or female pattern baldness, finasteride (male only) or minoxidil may be prescribed. For alopecia areata, steroids are often tested.

So what can you do to prevent hair loss?

Some things are out of your control, but Dr. Sarah says start with your mental health.

“Healthy scalp is important because follicles damaged by disease, onions, oil and debris can affect hair growth,” she says.

Signs that your scalp may not be healthy are itching, redness or redness of the skin, redness, itching and spots or swelling.

Often simple changes to your normal hair care regime may be enough to correct this, otherwise you will need to see a doctor.

Hair ‘skin’ has been a trend in beauty over the past year, with consumers being encouraged to complete their hair and head care as much as face care.

While some of the tips here are tedious and not always necessary, taking a few extra steps to learn more about your scalp can make a difference.

Dr. Sarah advises: “Make sure your diet is well-balanced and contains all the necessary nutrients.

Vival contains essential nutrients such as biotin, zinc and vitamin C for healthy hair.

I recommend stress management techniques such as meditation and mind and regular hair washing to keep the scalp healthy by avoiding heavy styling and chemicals.

So regular hair washing does not make it worse – it actually keeps you clean and comfortable, which prevents further losses.

It is good to doubt the myths.

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