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Ranveer Singh alopecia has been suffering (Hair loss) Since her childhood, and Good morning Britain And Come on in, take a look In her adult life, the star spoke many times about the battle.

According to a charity Alopecia UK, Affecting approximately 1 in 1,000 people, but a study published in the Journal of Medicine Lancet Hair loss has also been shown to be a long-term side effect of coronavirus, which may be more common.

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The findings show that 22% of the participants suffered from hair loss, and the authors added that alopecia are “more common in women than in men.”

Of NHSHowever, hair loss does not appear to be a symptom of coronavirus, but many people have reported positive hair loss and alopecia since their diagnosis.

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Chloe Kardashian It’s recent. Contacting Filter 29, Of Staying with the Cardinals The star explained: “I actually lost a lot of hair. It happened in clips, and it was two or three weeks after I caught Covi. I’m really sorry – you don’t feel good about yourself. . A few months later, my best friend, my doctor, said, ‘You know what, I’ve seen a lot of women who have lost a lot of hair and think it’s because of COVID. . “

Of American Academy of Dermatology Dermatologist Confirms Evidence of Hair Loss, Says Dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiw Filter 29 This goes down to the “acute telogen effluvium.”

“The virus causes the hair follicles to move to the telogen,” he said.

That does not have to be all. Chloe says that since then, her hair has recovered and she is now back to normal, and it has not been long enough to show that the infection can be a permanent result.

Hair loss as a result of coronavirus can also lead to stress, that is GMB Host Ranveer says she brought her situation first.

“I was only eight when my father had his first heart attack,” she said Glass A.D. In 2015, “This was very destructive. I have nightmares and I wake up crying. That was the beginning of my alopecia.

“A year later my father died of a heart attack. My world was completely shattered, and that hair loss became completely Heirey.

She added that doctors had told her that she had lost her father and that her body had closed.

But now Ranveer has stepped up a number of abductions to make her feel more confident, including cutting a grid on her hair, using colorful powders and hair extensions, and recently microblazing her eyebrows.

Visit for more information about alopecia and coronavirus Alopecia UK.

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