A miracle is taking place in the corner of a cape barber shop in Puerto Andrews. Monica, a Cancer survivor She looks at a camera attached to her skull, where her chemotherapy treatments have damaged her body and hair. She has a big smile on her face.

There are some happy complaints between her and her hairdresser Silke Halser. The treatment is working, it is Monica’s hair Growing up again. But this is not a miracle, it is a scientific discovery introduced by the German company Hairdreams to the island.

Many people suffer from hair loss: one in two men and an increasing number of women suffer from it. The main reason is genetic predisposition to hair loss, but other factors that can lead to hair loss are stress, pain and malnutrition. In all these cases Hormone DHT Dihydrotestosteron, which is produced by the body, slows down the production of new hair follicles because it “activates” the active roots.

The result? Increased thinning hair and scalp visibility. Hair loss can be very serious, especially for women. Studies on the psychological-social impact of hair loss on patients’ self-esteem, body image and self esteem Negative impact. Common complications include depression, low self-esteem, mood swings, and frequent and exciting social interactions.

Examining the skull

It is understandable that a person may need treatment to help his hair grow back, but he is not ashamed to ask. Silke is an expert in this field, and has helped many People over the age of 20 She used to be in the hair extension and hairdressing industry, but now she can give real hope to people who want to get their own hair back.

The solution comes in the form of a new product in Hairdreams Stop and Promote. Developed in collaboration with Leading scientists, Dermatologists and universities, and the scientifically proven, proprietary formula is based on a new PHT-complex and two-step system.

Step One is to use a combination of phytohormones and tetra-G-collagen. This inhibits the hormone DHT, which inhibits hair loss, and promotes cell function. Responsible for hair growth. Awakening of the “sleep” hair follicles to help produce new and healthy hair. At the same time, the roots of the hair become stronger and stick to the scalp.

Stage Two is combined and mobilized before it can be applied to a higher level, which improves the level one and impact. High fees Additional growth stimuli.

Applying serum

The University of Lቤbeck Dermatology Clinic has studied the effects of Stop & Grow PHT on the hair follicles of patients suffering from hair loss. During the study, they Average found Hair follicles increase by 23%. In the study, researchers also tested the effects of PHT-complexity compared to the highest sales in the market.

The results were impressive, as scientists found that activating bedrock roots was seven times better than those of PHT-complex and Hairdreams.

The effects of hair loss and growth for many years have been tested in the salon environment a Long-term application study. There, they carefully monitored all the changes in hair growth, using special micro-images as well as photographs of the participants. Participants were also regularly interviewed about their experiences.

Almost all participants reported that after a few weeks, extensive hair loss was reduced or completely stopped. After 3-4 months, 96% of participants confirmed that their hair density had increased: it looks and I felt so fullThis earned them a Stop & Grow Therapy “Perfect A +” score. The results show that for the average person suffering from hair loss, 14,000 new hair growths are observed during the 90-day growth phase.

The whole system, in the living room and at home

Although you may not find these items on the table, you should go to a public hairdressing salon. The treatment begins with a treatment in the salon and then continues at home. A hairdresser, trained at the beginning of each treatment, will be in this case Silke Hulser From Cap Hair, it does an in-depth analysis of their clients ’hair and scalp.

Based on this analysis, the treatment is determined. Typically, this is a strong combination of salon and home remedies. The process is carefully monitored and the client is recorded using a magnifying glass to see how their hair grows and how thick it is. Of course, the results will depend on how closely you monitor it Home room The treatment, but with the diligence of the application, you can expect the same magical time that you saw when fresh hair began to grow.

Contact Silke at (0034) 971 67 23 95 or visit https://www.facebook.com/friseur.hairdresser.mallorca/ for more information about the treatment or for a free consultation.