Hair Loss Due to COVID-19 - What You Immediately Need to Know

Many people recovering from lethal COVID-19 are experiencing severe hair loss. In fact, it is one of the most frequently reported symptoms in patients recovering from VV-19. Hair loss after anti-covide-19 has become a major problem reported by many. The second wave of epidemics may be at rest, but it is not a fundamental illness. Recurrent skin allergies, rashes, dry eyes, weakness and fatigue are some of the most common post-19-19 problems, as well as other major disturbing hair loss problems.Read also – The severity of CVD’s third wave is based on the way people follow guidelines, says Radep Guleria, AIIMS CEO

Hair loss can be stressful and emotional for most people. Patients who have recovered from VV-19 are experiencing symptoms of hair loss due to stress and swelling caused by the virus. Also Read – Kerala Lock – State Government Improves Locking Guidelines Three Times, Increases Micro Convention Zones | Full list of instructions here

It usually occurs in patients approximately 30 days after infection, but is also seen in some patients with VV-19. Defects in dietary habits, fever, viral stress, weight loss, related anxiety, sudden hormonal changes, and persistent post-19-inflammatory reactions are just some of the reasons for this: Unexpected temporary hair loss. Read more – Flu vaccines can protect children during an epidemic, doctor advises

Dr. Shahin Nureyezdan, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Consultant at New Delhi, Indrapastata Apollo Hospitals, said: “We have seen that the number of patients complaining about hair loss has doubled. He made a big contribution here after the anger of Covd-19. Large amounts of hair loss after covad-19 are due to malnutrition, sudden weight changes, hormonal imbalances, and decreased levels of vitamins D and B12.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant in Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery at New Delhi, Indirapasta Apollo Hospitals, said: Fever and other symptoms during VV-19 are the result of shock. Normally, a person can lose up to 100 hairs a day, but up to 300-400 hairs per day due to telegenic influenza. As a recommendation, patients should eat a nutritious diet with natural vitamins and iron sources after recovering from VV-19. There are two reasons why iron deficiency can speed up hair loss and eating a protein-rich and nutritious diet can be a solution to reduce the time-consuming hair loss. People with severe hair loss should consult a doctor only after eating 5-6 weeks after eating a balanced diet. In addition, some common hair care solutions that can be administered to prevent excessive hair loss; Use gentle shampoos for paraffin, sulfate and sulfate, closely inspect itchy and itchy scalp, apply and massage the scalp, use a wide toothbrush and develop and treat baldness and seek immediate medical attention. Large amounts of hair fall out.

To combat this temporary hair loss, people need to worry, engage in meditation, recover and recover their time, eat healthy, take natural supplements, avoid heat and chemicals for hair styling and avoid sedentary lifestyles. If hair loss that controls these changes is still traumatic, it is always advisable to seek medical attention. Dietary supplements and correcting all deficiencies slow down hair loss and help it recover faster.