We’ve been to No-Shave-November / Movember for over a week, so how are these beards coming? Not as fast as we thought? Or is it faster than the grass in your yard in July? Studies show that on average, hair grows from .3 mm to .5 mm every 24 hours. Getting that perfect beard or ‘sticking together to support your neighbor’ may feel like snow this month, but by December you must have a real beard between one-third and one-third. It goes a half inch. (Hey, Santa’s not going to grow a beard on Halloween, you know.) Here are two things to keep in mind.

Under his stomach

For the most part, growing a beard is about being patient. We’ve talked about baldness before but hair growth has four stages, no matter where these hairs are. Anagen, catagen, telegenine and oxygen (no question) or grow, transition, rest and shed. Anage is the longest lasting two to seven years. According to Healthline.com, at any given time, about 90% of your hair is in an analog state. At the catalog stage, for 10 days, the follicle shrinks, and the hair itself separates from the base of the follicle. During telogen, for three months, hair does not grow, but does not fall out. Finally, with exogen, your skin sheds hair. Don’t panic! This does not happen all at once, and only a small percentage of your beard will pass through the last three stages at any time.

Seasons of love (beard)

After two months of growing a beard, it may be time to cut it.
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Beyond these long stages, if you do not shave in the second week, you should have some idea of ​​how fast your beard is growing. You will begin to see how and when your beard fills your face. Are there flat spaces? By the third week, you can find out if Chewbacca is finished with something to be proud of, if she wears a well-cut beard for Thanksgiving, or if all your friends thank you. How young all those holiday parties look like (believe me, it’s not a bad thing). If it grows well, during New Year’s Eve, you may want to see a hairdresser or develop your own skills.

Growing pains

Remember that you are doing the right thing for men’s health by promising not to shave this month (and hoping to raise some money for research) to test your beauty. In fact, in high school, he was the one who had the full beard for the high stakes. He was different then, and if you are under 30, he may still be. Most men have to wait until they are 30 years old, and even then, as a tribe, they may still not have much chance. Whether you come from a long line of Vikings or your ancestry is firmly rooted in the Mediterranean Sea, you may not have the right genetic material, just like a male shave. Don’t sweat! To explain Billy Joel, “We love you for who you are.

Family Way

If you look around and see that your male relatives (if you can, both your father and brothers and your family on both sides of the family, check that they are all fat and full of beard or can, make sure you check with them. Doctor about your testosterone levels. Your beard problem can be a warning sign and, according to Cleveland Clinic, if you have been treated before, you can avoid symptoms such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, insecurity or depression. Let’s keep the signs and take care of things quickly.

Of course, November is about men’s health in general, so let’s work to control that monster, as other causes of beard growth and hair loss can be stressful. Try some yoga, meditation, therapy, or anything else to have a healthy inner life.

Beard care and feeding

Beard care and feeding.

Lastly, take good care of your beard as it grows. Grab a beard care kit to maximize its potential. The Beard Club recommends daily use of vitamin sprays and growth oils, as well as taking plenty of vitamins to feed your baby’s beard. It also recommends the use of a derma roller that pierces the skin with small needles and promotes “mild damage… new facial hair growth”. (We’ll give you this pass, but it will probably work for you.) Record your progress or shortcomings.

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