It can cause many changes during menopause, and symptoms can include hot flashes and mood swings. If you notice more hair loss every day than usual, now may be the time to talk to your doctor about hair loss during menopause. Estrogen is thought to support hair growth, and during menopause, hair follicles fall out rapidly.

Hair loss during menopause is common, but it can cause anxiety for some people.

To minimize these effects, hairdresser Nicole Petty on Milk + Blush lists several ways to enhance hair growth and maintain thick and healthy locks during menstruation.

First, she says, “Think about making lifestyle changes to reduce stress, as stress can be caused by a sudden change in hormones, combined with hormonal changes.”

This type of hair loss is characterized by increased hair loss due to shock and stress in the nervous system.

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The hairdresser says: “You may think of slowing down activities such as reading a book, walking, or yoga and meditation.”

Second, Ms. Petty suggests that the foods you eat have a direct effect on the growth, strength, and size of your hair.

“They are rich in iron, omega-3, vitamins A, C, and E, biotin, zinc and selenium are good for hair health,” she says.

“In the meantime, look for any extra estrogen lost in foods such as flax, soy products or garlic,” he added.

Make no mistake:

Ms. Petty says regular physical activity is important because during exercise your blood flow increases and more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your scalp, which helps your hair grow.

She added that you need to think about the hair products you use and the way you style your hair.

“Check for heavy chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate, paraben, propolis glycol, imidazolidine urea and sodium chloride – this can lead to further hair loss.

“Instead, look for products that contain essential oils, such as rosemary or tea tree, to promote hair growth.”

In addition, you should try and limit the use of thermostats, such as straighteners or hair straighteners.

“If you are a regular hairdresser, give your hair a break from heavy chemicals as it can kill melanin and destroy hair follicles, which can lead to thinning or falling out.

However, while they may reduce hair loss, hair growth may be much slower than before menopause.

So, for anyone with long hair, this might be your time to try this short hairstyle. Shortening the length increases the volume and reduces the weight of the hair, making it easier to hide the problem areas that may be due to thinning, ”said Petty.

Hair loss is common. We can often lose 50 to 100 hairs a day without realizing it.

Although NHS hair loss in women is often temporary, he said, “Yes, growing up is unexpected and can take years. Remember that your new hair can be any texture and color.

For example, about 40 percent of women over the age of 70 suffer from baldness.

“If your hair loss is causing you anxiety, there are some things you can try. But most treatments are not available on NHS, so you have to pay for them. ”

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