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Earlier this month, when we spoke to dermatologists about the best ways to treat common issues at home, they reported that they had been diagnosed with acute stress, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. But they did mention something we did not expect: Anxiety-related hair loss. This technology, known as influenza, is a type of temporary hair loss caused by birth, surgery, weight loss, and – most of the major physiological changes we are experiencing during this epidemic – emotional stress.

Amy Macmichael, chairwoman of the Department of Dermatology at the Walk Forest Baptist Health Center, explains that hair usually goes through three stages – growth, growth, and shedding. When 10-10% of your hair is flowing normally, the telogen fluvium causes more than 50% of the hair to reach that level, causing it to fall out. In order to respond to stress, the damaged hair is pushed to a quieter, less developed state, ”said Christine M. Shaver, a Burntine Medical dermatologist. But this is not a common reaction for most people. “Stress does not in itself cause hair loss,” says McMichael. Your body must already be exposed to it. So while many of us feel anxious, we are not all exposed to telogen effluvium.

Although the situation is serious, it is comforting to know that baldness is only temporary. The hair grows later, and there are things you can do to speed up the process. “I encourage patients to take this in and out,” said the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital. He says the combination of stress reduction techniques (meditation, relaxation, exercise, or anything else that helps calm your mind) and products can help.

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Four of the five dermatologists we spoke to recommend menoxidil, a substance found in rogain, to promote hair growth. MacMichael usually puts them on a Rogan six-month course that works to extend your patient’s development. “Hair extensions improve performance, but you need to stick to it,” Zeikner said. It takes weeks or even months to implement the results. According to dermatologist Erum Elias, it can take more than a year to truly appreciate hair growth. This is because new hair that grows easily is like peach fur or baby hair – it is good, smart and unruly as it grows longer and thicker and rough and starts to look and feel like it used to.

Nutrafol women

Supplements can boost growth, but the dermatologists we spoke to say it’s important to choose the right one and be wary of marketing claims. According to both Elias and Macmichael, biotin (B vitamins), which normally promote hair and nail growth, can sometimes cause incorrect results. Alternatively, Zichner and Macmichael recommend Nutrafol, a mixture of micronutrients, including asparagus and palm trees, according to Zichner, which has been shown to increase hair strength. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, and helps the hair provide the building blocks needed for better functioning. ” You want to tell your doctor that you are still taking Nutrafol because it contains some biotin that is more than just a vitamin. “People think biotin works, so they want to put it in, at least to some extent, people buy it.

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Isdin Lamdapil Hair Density Lotion

Melissa Kanchanapomi Levine, a dermatologist and founder of Entere Dermatologist, has heard from at least five patients who have experienced hair loss in recent weeks. She is a fan of the Spanish brand Isid Hair Lines to promote full and thick hair. “It strengthens your hair,” she said, adding that the lotion contains ingredients similar to minoxidil, which increase blood flow to the scalp.

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As your hair grows, McMichael speaks of gentle treatment, avoiding the added damage of color or overheating. Unless you have dry or tight hair, it is recommended to add a thick shampoo to your daily routine that will “swell your hair and make it a little fuller”. Although she does not recommend any particular product (any shampoos called “fat” or “good hair” will have this effect), this keratesis shampoo is the choice for fine and thin hair stylist. According to Fred Cors, owner and creative director of FRED Salon, “hyaluronic acid is used to dress hair and strengthen ceramics.”

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