Hair loss is not pleasant, but it should not be as bad as it feels right now. There are two ways to deal with this problem, one is to cover it with some beautiful extensions and the other is to create a way for hair to grow back. We reached out to two experts to explain to all the women there how to hide their thin hair. Read their expert advice below!

Cover it with extensions

Julie Venturi, hairdresser and co-founder at Lucy Hair, recommends extensions to add a thin mask. “Lucy’s hair extensions are a great way to increase the thickness of your thin and fine hair, without damaging your natural hair or impeding hair growth. Our flawless collection is made of silicone rather than fabric, which means that the base of its weight is 50% thinner than our ancient evils. This ensures that your thin hair stays on top of your head so that you can easily slip and hide it. ”

Find your extension safe zone

The most important step when cutting into your extensions is to know what your ‘safe zone’ is. This is an area where you can’t see the clips. Usually for fine hair, a safe zone is below the line of your eyebrows. “Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to another. Below that circle is where your stripes fit together. Sometimes you don’t have to take advantage of all the flaws, and that’s perfectly fine. If you are struggling to find a place for yourself, there is a good chance that you do not need to take advantage of them all. Find out which order works with weaknesses, and use only those, ”Julia notes.

One of the great things about extensions is that they instantly restore your self-confidence. “Once your extensions are cut, you will immediately notice the difference in how long and thick your hair feels. If you suffer from nausea, you may have noticed that you have a lot of hair under your head, not over your head. ” “This is because of the thinning of your hair. To make the mixture look more natural, it is a good idea to comb your hair with a crown to add a certain amount that matches the rest of your hair. This provides an all-encompassing, volcanic view. ”

Choose a hair straightener

BosleyMD-certified trio Grecier Freeze suggests another way to hide thin hair in front of him. “Hiding hair loss can be a challenge for any woman,” she says. “Hair loss may be helpful depending on the size of the scalp. It can also obscure the matter by using colored hair fibers such as BosVolumize Hair Thickening Fibers.

Try Monoxidil

Thinning hair is followed by hair care that focuses on creating a healthy skull area. “The BosleyMD product line is a great option for this. They have a complete range of products, including supplements and minoxidil treatments for hair regrowth. From hair.

“Women lose part of their hair (called hair loss). Hair loss in temples can also be reduced in women.

Talk to a doctor

If you are experiencing hair loss, she explains that hair loss on the face is often hormonal. I recommend that you see a doctor to rule out any thyroid problems. And use a hair growth treatment such as BosleyMD Healthy Hair & Scalp Follicle Energizer or Minoxidil to replenish the area.

Finally, there are many reasons for hair loss, and finding the cause can help you solve the problem. He says hormonal changes such as menopause or childbirth, stress, pain, dietary changes, and medications can promote hair loss. Other basic factors can cause hair loss and sometimes it can be very helpful to visit a doctor to get rid of things like immunodeficiency or vitamin deficiencies and I usually recommend starting there.

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