The last seven months or so are exciting times. Honestly, this is not the time when our grandparents often scratch their heads and say they have never seen anything like it. From COVID-19 to Politics, 2020 is one of the most important years in history, if not centuries. Of course, all of that violence also comes with recorded personal anxieties, and in every way it manifests itself in our bodies. For many modern men, that stress is directly related to hair loss.

It is quite common to see some hair loss. Hair goes through the same stages as the rest of us. While not very technical, there is a stage of development, a transition period and a break. Depending on your genetics, hair can grow from five to seven years old. That transition period, on the other hand, lasts only ten days. Vacation (the technical term is telegenesis) can last up to three months, but that is definitely the beginning of hair loss and thinning. After about three months, the whole process begins again. Normally.

Male pattern baldness We lose hair due to genetics. The hair follicles begin to shrink, and after a while that whole growth process disappears. (Don’t despair, there is hope for that.)

Aside from genetics, even current stress – including stress on your body if you actually have covi – can also cause premature hair loss. (Editor’s note: If you get sick, we hope the only thing you have to deal with is hair loss.) , At Aura Clinic London, “Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or any significant traumatic event can trigger or aggravate certain types of hair loss.

Dr. Craig Zering is a hairdresser with clinics in Newport and Beverly Hills, California, Las Vegas and New York. He refers to this situation effluvium telogen. In fact, it seems to stick Ghostbusters, But in reality it is a technical term for hair loss that occurs after stress. And these past seven months or so have all been about stress.

Zirring “Manual” Coronavirus itself can cause swelling, so people who are already emotional will realize that it is bad for their hair. “We’ve seen even more patients lose their hair than ever before. Men are still suffering because they are still, as usual, seen as family managers. If you are a little sick, it can cause emotional distress. What do they provide for their families? That with the fluctuations in the stock market. Men with small businesses may feel overwhelmed by the stress of providing for their families and employees.

Zirring goes on to say that many factors can influence a patient’s genetic hair loss. For example, men with cancer may temporarily lose their hair, but it grows back. If the pattern is bald, it can make hair loss worse.

“Sometimes it’s just as easy to control the patient. Everything in his life is spinning beyond his power, now is he himself hair? It is the cessation of that cycle. ”Says Zier.

Use natural products

Sometimes that cycle can be as simple as using healthy hair products for your hair and skin. Building on styling products can quickly shut down hair follicles, speeding up that hair loss response. Here are some of the best natural style products we have tried.

No Gunk Natural Stilling Wax – $ 24

No Gunk style wax

Dr. Mukherjee’s comments prompted the British promotion brand No Gunk to launch a heartfelt campaign in September: The accompanying video shows a person with strong, healthy hair turning into aging, baldness, using preparations with heavy chemicals and leaving the rest. No gum is supported by natural ingredients such as lava clay, shea butter and argan oil.

Jack Henry Pomde – $ 24

Best hair product Jack Henry Pomde

Winner of the 2020 Grumming Awards, Jack Henry’s Rocket product contains only four main ingredients – beeswax, coconut oil, bentonite clay and lavender oil – to easily style hair without damaging the follicles.

Verb Shame oo – $ 18

Verb spirit sham oo

Many pharmaceutical shampoos contain artificial ingredients that can further damage the hair. It is not a verb vegan sham to cleanse your body thoroughly by removing Moringa and sunflower seeds. In addition, it is free from harmful sulfate and parabens, and free from cruelty.

Visit a dermatologist

If you are trying to change products and you are still experiencing rapid hair loss, do not waste time going to the doctor. Severe hair loss can be reversed in three to six months if diagnosed early.

Dr. Zirring starts with simple home remedies such as minoxidil or finasteride. In some cases, DHT may be transferred to the oral finside. DHT is a type of testosterone that works wonders for men during adolescence, but is not very friendly to your follicles as you get older.

“We use laser therapy to stimulate the patient’s mitochondria,” says Zering. “Finally, we make exotic injections, such as stem cell therapy. The treatment nourishes the hair and helps the hair follicles to grow back.

Finally, if it comes to it, proper surgery may be an option, and doctors like Zier can help with hair restoration and implants.

Perhaps the most important thing in stress-related hair loss is to keep things in perspective.

“I am a medical doctor. I contact the patient in general, ”says Dr. Ziyer. “It is important to remember that we are all in this together. Find something good for your body – meditation, exercise, rest, yoga, or anything that makes you feel better. Eat a high protein diet with fresh super greens and grains. Don’t worry! Find someone you can talk to and share your feelings. Don’t be embarrassed if it’s time to do something about losing your hair. Do what is necessary to break free from that stressful cycle and to feel that you are doing something positive for yourself.

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