If you feel you have only been suffering from severe hair loss for the past year and a half, make sure you are not. According to data science company Spat, Google’s hair search was on average about 829,000 Per month In 2020 and early 2021. The problem is far more serious than most people realize.

When it comes to hair loss, men’s shaving has received a lot of research and technology – not to mention much sympathy. But hair loss and hair loss are very common in women. Studies estimate that healthy men and women have an estimated 80,000-120,000 hairs, but there appear to be an equal number of ways to lose that hair.

For example, Anagan Fluvium is a general hair loss that occurs after chemotherapy, and alopecia areata is a autoimmune disease in which hair is lost in large layers. There is postpartum hemorrhage, and hair loss is a condition in which the hair follicles are pulled back for years. Women even experience the same hair loss as men – androgenetic or androgenic alopecia is a general aging or aging of the hair caused by the hormone testosterone. But recently there has been some kind of hair loss on everyone’s consciousness, and like many things that have been damaged since 2020, the epidemic is to blame – contact Telegen Fluvium.

According to normal hair growth time limits, most hair on a person’s head – about 85 or 90 percent – is in an active growth cycle at any stage of two to four years. The rest of the hair is in the telegenous or rest period, which lasts from one to three months. After that, the hair falls out and is replaced with new strands.

This process takes place gradually, in a shocking way, and ensures that we lose between 100-150 hairs every day instead of shedding all our hair at once. The main concern, however, is that it can move a large number of hair follicles from the growth stage to the rest at the same time, which in a few months will cause many strings to fall off. When hair loss is more than 100-150 times a day, it enters the telogen influenza range — and that’s when you start worrying about hair loss.

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“Hormonal imbalances, major stress factors, thyroid conditions, pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia, and other factors can all lead to premature ejaculation,” said Dr. Christine Shaver, a board-certified dermatologist. And a hair restoration surgeon at Bernstein Medical Center in New York.

If you are concerned that one of these lifestyles may have a negative effect on your hair, a dermatologist can help you go through a list of possible causes. They provide a complete history of the onset, severity, region of injury, and medications or arrangements to help them determine if they are related to illness or caused by special stress. If that is not removed, a blood test is ordered if there is a thyroid condition, anemia or hormonal imbalance.

While it can be as scary as seeing golf balls in your brush or drain, it is sure to grow again if the cause of the discharge is resolved. “It is important to note that reversing telogen influenza takes a short time – it usually stops within one to three months, and it can take up to two years for the hair follicles to fully recover,” said Dr. Shaver. . Once you know the cause of your hair loss, you and your doctor can go to treatment options.

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What to do ከሆኑ If you have hormones

If your dermatologist suspects that a hormonal imbalance is causing your hair loss, you can refer it to an endocrinologist or primary care physician. If thyroid problems are diagnosed, patients often need thyroid hormone mediation. Another common culprit, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), is an occasional reaction to drugs such as spironolactone, says Dr. Shaver. At Harleyliken, Lars Skjøth, founder and chief scientist at a hairdressing clinic in New York, focuses on getting those recommended eight hours as sleep plays a vital role in allowing the body to repair, regenerate and balance hormones. This can be a difficult balance, but a medical professional can guide you through the process and help reduce further hair loss.

What to do ከሆነ If stress or pain

It is not possible to completely protect yourself from stressful life events and often the next hair loss. However, once the stressors are controlled (or you develop better coping strategies), it will stop shedding hair, because it will control your hair’s signal and stop signaling so that your cortisol levels will rise to the cataclysm level. So even though all of your hair seems to have fallen out due to roller coaster over the last 18 months, make sure your hair can be saved and saved.

But there is another type of stress that tests your follicles – oxide stress. Just as external stresses – such as UV rays and pollution – are responsible for the signs of aging, oxidative stress can have a detrimental effect on the health of the scalp and hair. “The correct method still needs to be understood, but we know that it has the structure needed to reduce the sources of external oxidative stress, to keep the scalp hair at the base, and to keep the hair with the scalp longer,” he says. Dr. Jenny Thomas, co-founder of KeepItAnchored, talks about the product’s hair loss and oxidative stress study.

The use of products that protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress, in addition to lifestyle changes (such as avoiding the sun and wearing protective clothing) can also help to reduce hair loss from such stress.

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What to do ከሆነ If you have a poor diet

Human hair is not an essential tissue, and if the body does not get the nutrients it needs to function properly, it converts all the energy into vital organs, which in turn causes hair to grow.

It is important to note that diets that promote lean hair and promote hair growth are two different beasts. Hair Hair needs essential oils, carbohydrates and minerals to produce healthy hair. Skjøth recommends B-complex vitamins as well as vitamins A, C and D, amino acids, as well as trace elements such as zinc and iron to help keep your hair healthy. The best way to do this is to eat a whole, varied, fresh, unadulterated diet.

And with a full-fledged hair glue industry to fill the nutritional gaps, there is little scientific support behind the vitamins and hair-enhancing capabilities, says Dr. Shaver. Most healthy people do not need supplements and do not get vitamins or other supplements to improve hair loss.

How to hide hair loss

Reversing hair growth issues usually takes months or years, so it may be helpful to choose a few ways to hide the problem while your hair grows. Well-known hairdresser Chris Appleton is voting for this big bang trend this summer – the curtain blast. “They can help to look like a thin area in front of many people,” he said. Not only are they suitable for most facial shapes, they are less committed than whole rings. One of the most common of these is the haircut. “They think that when a person has thin hair, it is usually longer, but he can make long thin hair [the problem] Looks Worse ”

Appleton warns those who wear regular tails not to be outdone if their hair is getting shorter. If so, he or she may be interested in painting. The root canal “saves lives by filling small, dense areas. Stimulating thick hair makes the hair look fuller.

Fortunately, there are many hair care products that are designed to treat hair loss and promote hair growth more than ever. Below are a few proven products to help hide, fix and repair thin hair.

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Eight shades of hair-true color to soften thin lines and cover grays. Kim Kardashian hairdresser Chris Appleton swears by him for easy maintenance.

This scalp cream is made with ingredients that stimulate the scalp, strengthen follicles, nourish strings, and prevent DHT, which causes hair loss. This is a massage that contains a serum water reservoir that is stored directly on your head in equally cleverly pointed channels. Gods for thick hair who are struggling to get their hair done right into the skull.

This 30-year-old Danish Hair Loss Clinic allows you to make appointments online or take a hairdressing consultation with locations around the world and get a custom-designed sketch for your specific skin problems.

KeepItAnchored Pre-Cleanser, Shampoo, Conditioner and Content, which lasts for a month, are all targeted to oxidative stress. Key ingredients include zinc pyridoxine, niacinamide, pantanol, and pyroctin olamine, which increase hair growth during growth.

Appleton prefers to start with a clean slide and prefers a gentle cleanser that gently scrubs scalp and ointments instead of using a mild shampoo for fat. “Once your hair and scalp are clean, it’s time to use styling products that can increase the volume,” he says.

Renew your hair with this topical serum used by vegan phyto-activists for clinical examination. It has also been shown to reduce hair loss by 90 days.

This thick spray helps to increase the diameter of the thin strings, and substances such as ceramides, biotin and niacinamide strengthen the skull.