It is not uncommon for gray hairs to have gray hair as they get older, but humans really want to undo any of the natural phenomena that indicate their mortality. Also, there are products that are designed to prevent those gray hairs from happening – some of them Extras First of all, it promises to prevent gray hair, others Current Affairs They say to undo the gray. Laurel has even found a reason to pursue the issue. It can prevent gray hair. (L’Oreal representative shared that it is not a focus for their research and innovation team).

But as the abandoned project suggests, the reality of preventing and reversing gray hair is not as easy as at least taking a pill.

The mechanisms behind hair color are complex and, to put it simply, gray hair is the cause of color loss. As we get older, we do a little hair color, which results in gray hair. For the most part, this seems to be genetically determined when it actually occurs.

But for some reason gray hair can grow faster. Craig Zering, a board-certified dermatologist and founder Ziering MedicalVitamin B6, B12, D, E, or biotin, in particular, are said to accelerate the growth of gray hair. Oxidative stress from both internal factors (such as unhealthy diet) and the environment (such as UV rays) can also play a role. “Studies show that smokers are twice as likely to start graying before they are 30 years old,” says Ziering.

Even hair products, including those used to dye or cleanse hair, may contain ingredients that reduce the amount of melanin in the hair. ”Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most important chemicals in many hair dyes. Excessive use of shaving products can eventually turn white, says Zering.

Stress, too, seems to be the reason – think of the often-mentioned comparison of presidents in the first year with the last.

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your lifestyle so have fun and treat yourself. However, experts say that gray hair can not be reversed or that age-related color changes can be prevented. “Certain malnutrition and health problems can lead to premature aging of gray hair, but if your gray hair is hereditary or due to natural aging, it is not possible to restore your natural hair color,” Ziering said.

Although less gray hair is your goal, there is reason to hope. What We Do Know About Gray Hair According to one study, stress alone can help (It’s easier said than done, right?). Researchers have found that in some cases, gray hairs melt after a break. The study has limitations, but for the first time it shows that stress – and its reduction – actually affects hair color.

“We can’t stop our hair completely gray,” said Martin Picard, a researcher at Columbia University and author of the study. “This study shows that aging can be easily treated – it is not a definite, pre-determined process, no matter what we do, we are doomed to experience it in the same way.

In addition to reducing stress, there are other ways to reduce the growth of new gray matter – but only if it is caused by lifestyle or dietary deficiencies.

Some vitamins and minerals help your hair follicles to have a high nutritional value to perform the metabolic functions in the bulb. “Amino acids and proteins that stimulate metabolic functions in our follicles are important,” he said. With that in mind, eating foods that contain the above vitamins may be helpful because taking antibacterials can relieve oxidative stress such as fresh fruits, green tea, olive oil and fish.

Eat well, get a good night’s sleep, avoid environmental stress, and avoid smoking, ”Ziering points out. “Use sunscreen for hair and scalp. Add calcium, protein and B vitamins.

With regard to hair loss supplements, they can technically work if they are malnourished, but not as much as eating a healthy diet or taking a multivitamin supplement.

Hair loss and hair loss treatments are currently being tried. “These agents include enzymes such as catalase, which break down hydrogen peroxide, which accumulates in the hair follicles, so there may be future treatment and prevention,” Ziering said. “Looking ahead, this may be the basis for a treatment that will one day change the color of the hair follicles’ melanocytes,” he said.

“Not today, not tomorrow, but in the near future we can have the ‘Benjamin Key’ effect that will revitalize the rich, younger hair color for those in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

Picard continues to study gray hair. “I think we can learn a lot about the effect of the mind on the body. Picard explains how our human experience is involved in biology – in our hair. “Mind and body are intertwined, and this shows us even in hair!”

In the meantime, there is always an option to embrace the gray, which is a stress-free method.