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“I always think hair loss is only for men. But I’m a 45-year-old woman and I’m scared and how fast I am losing hair. You can see my skull when I pull my hair back or up! I’re under a lot of stress in the workplace – who’s not? – And both my parents need care now. – Worried about the hair in the hairbrush

This is a big issue, and we haven’t talked about it enough. About half of all women experience severe hair loss at some point in their lives; This compares with 80 percent of men. As a result, all sexes suffer equally.

“Hair is an identity for everyone, especially women,” says Toronto-based hairdresser Aaron O’Brien. “It’s very sad to lose your hair. You don’t feel like it,” he said. Dickinson is supported after the recent appearance of O’Brien Dragon Cave.

O’Brien’s trip to the hairdresser was public (he did three hairdressers, and he used a replacement method, more on that later). “I’ve tried everything!” He is not joking. But first he will refer you to a doctor. “Examine yourself. If something happens in your body – hormone levels, thyroid, iron – you may have hair loss.

He says stress is a major factor. “It can lead to major life changes, relocation, job change, hair loss.” Menopause can often be the cause of hair loss in women. In addition, you need to check for skin-related problems such as Alzheimer’s. “And talk to a hairdresser. They know a lot about how to deal with it and how to hide it after you avoid medical issues.

Not all types of hair loss are permanent, so there are things you can do, says O’Brien. He recommends Vivscal supplements. The edible pills promote thick and full hair and reduce hair loss in women. Interesting fact: Did you know that we lose 50 to 100 hairs every day and that there is no hair loss? “It will take about six months for Vivical to see the results,” says O’Brien.

The brand has been researching hair loss for over 25 years; The main ingredient is an marine complex called Aminomar C, developed by Swedish scientist in the early 1980s. We spoke to Dr. Julia Carroll, a dermatologist at Toronto Compass dermatologist, for advice on complementary medicine and studies. I regularly recommend Viviscal Prone to my patients. I think they have good clinical studies. In general, she said, it is difficult to do research on hair removal because there are so many variables and you can’t do a “skull study”. Use it as part of a holistic approach to hair loss.

To top it off, O’Brien is also a fan of topical, hair spray. But do not be intimidated by Rudy Juliani’s whip: Our reader is concerned that when you put her hair down, it is better to “fill in” the gap that the skull shows.

As for his own line or special shampoos and conditioners from Viviscal, O’Brien said they work to some extent. “They do not grow hair. But they also increase the amount of hair you have and strengthen the scalp, because a lot of bleeding creates stronger and fuller hair. “

If you want to take more, go to a dermatologist. Dermatologists deal with skin problems. Or you can go to a trichologist, not a doctor, but a person at Medi-Spa who specializes in scalp. He says they will extensively inspect your hair and solve any construction problems that hinder hair growth. You can inhale, excrete, or even give PRP to your skull (this is a platelet-enriched plasma treatment, which involves removing blood from your bloodstream and increasing your platelet count). Yes, he tried. He also tried light therapy caps that you can buy online, and he is positive about them. “I repeat, I have tried everything!” Says.

If your hair loss is permanent, there is a solution to that. He also suggested that women get hair transplants. But if this does not solve the problem, then he himself will use Lord Herr, a hairdresser for men and women from the US. Available online “They took her to a hairdresser to make it work properly and naturally. I use it myself. I do this process every month or so for my clients in the salon and there are a few other pills to wear around the city for you. “Basically, New Age is toupee; it looks absolutely true with high quality, natural-looking hair extensions (professionally applied). Bath, you can swim.

He says this is not a solution for people taking chemotherapy because in this case they do not want to stop hair growth after the treatment is over. O’Brien has some good ideas on how to deal with chemo-related hair loss, but this is another column for another day.

O’Brien is basically a Toronto McGiver hair removal solution. The joyous and tedious approach to the problem, which has caused so much suffering to many, has caused me to become more and more aware of myself. I hope it inspires our reader to stop worrying about hair loss and take action instead.

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