A few years ago I had a stupid feeling like scrolling through something like this on Facebook – women with straight hair want curves, women with curves want straight hair…. Men are light, they just want their hair to last.

All the baldness I knew shook with laughter and shook his head.

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The first step is to identify the source of the problem. There are many types of baldness and you need to know the cause of your hair loss before you start any treatment for them. Many factors can be responsible – genetics, hormones, chronic health problems, medications, stress, excessive hair loss and even diet can cause hair loss. Male pattern baldness is different from female hair loss but it is especially noticeable because it is more severe.

According to Professor Syed Afzalul Karim, Chairman of Aurora Skin and Statistics and Senior Consultant and a former Dermatology Professor at St. Faculty Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the leading figures in this field and has some insightful information to share.

Hair loss is one of the most common causes of hair loss. This is an alphabet edit. Other types of hair loss can be caused by any physical condition or condition – anemia, anemia, certain kidney problems or any illness or stress. It is called telogen influenza. If we find and treat the cause, the hair will grow back. In both cases there is an amazing recovery.

The most common cause of what we call “male pattern baldness” is usually genetically modified. We call it Androgenetic Alopecia. Because of a genetic predisposition, if a person’s father is bald, the chances of shaving are high. For him, too, ”said Professor Syed Afzalul Karim.

Some medications, such as side effects, can cause hair loss. So did we mention hormonal imbalances, thyroid disease, vitamin deficiency and stress?


Do not use any skin care product unless it is proven to be right for you, otherwise you will suffer. The same goes for your hair. Before using any cosmetic product or hair loss solution, you need to make sure it is right for you. Otherwise, the chemicals in it can damage your hair and make things worse. But such products can do a lot, especially if you already have a lot of hair.

You may wonder if there is a way to get your hair back. Fortunately for you, modern science and medical practice is enough to make these issues easier now.

“Even if a person has a genetic predisposition to baldness, hair transplants can be reversed. We take the hair from the back of the person (where there is still hair) and plant it in front of them and within three months. Get the result. Hair grows back to normal, ”says Professor Syed Afzalul.

There are other treatments that promote hair growth or other treatments such as PRP (platelet enriched plasma), but only your dermatologist can tell you which one is right for you.

When to see a dermatologist?

The average human head has about 100,000 hairs (give or take). It is common to lose between 50-100 strands of hair a day, and most men do not notice hair loss because they have short hair. If you notice that you are losing weight, it may be time to consult a dermatologist.


For adolescents who suffer from baldness, it can often be difficult to accept because a person’s self-confidence and self-image often help him or her if he or she is self-aware and has a full head of hair. If you are beginning to notice unnatural hair loss, you may need to rethink your lifestyle.

Hair loss is often severe in the 30s and 35 years. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent male pattern baldness other than treatment. If you are bald, you can start using hats or hats or brush your hair in an invisible way – but you have thought of all this a thousand times. What you can really do is make a positive difference in your life. Eating habits or stress can trigger and increase hair loss. The key is balance. Healthy eating, watering, stress management and hygiene can go a long way not only to maintaining good health but also to maintaining your appearance (and hair).

Hair loss can also occur if you are experimenting with chemically heavy hair products or are prone to some stress-related hair loss. Avoid such steps and take care of your hair as you care for your skin.

Photo – Sazd Ibn Sa’id

Model – Simon Mansour

Style: Sonia Yesmin Isha

Special thanks to Syed Afzalul Karim, Chairperson and Senior Consultant and Former Dermatologist of Aurora Skin and Esteroids at the Holy Family Medical College Hospital in Dhaka.