Someone I knew once commented to meBy no means Shorten my hair, ”he said.Congratulations Young”Rather than my biological age. By that time, as well as most of my adult life, my hair had reached the center of my heavy back, and I had been disobeyed in order to avoid being classified as a “head of the bed.”

My hair is made up of the idea that there is good or bad hair, and the idea of ​​fashion and beauty, and the shampoo advertising, or any other measurement spectrum between them.

By the end of the 30’s, I could clearly see the impact of someone else’s comments on the cultural, aesthetic, youth, and age-old constructions of society. I was not free of these pressures, as I had expected. Long (as, so long) It was part of my game plan to pretend to be young and how to stay in a close-knit practical environment that can only be tolerated by a young and carefree person. Before you could see my face or hear my voice, I thought of my unbridled flock, the most prolific cartoon-like design of the whole picture.

Recently, a friend of mine who was locked in a waist length told me that she loves her long hair because “every inch is a year old.” I agree. Until that disgusting weight got into the strands, at first it was a misnomer (perhaps unhealthy) sign of youth and then the plague forced me to let go of my hair because of the ensuing mental roller coaster. The shade includes cutting 13-inch hair into a textured and layered short style with deep side parting, resulting in 90s skateboarder shades – cut out in 1963 by Vidal Sason’s iconic geometric nanesca.

Let me be clear: I have not had any problems with my hair or my hair. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. I have never had hair loss or severe or severe hair loss. I have never been neglected or used in the beauty or safety industries regarding hair care or representation. There is no shortage of people with hair like me in the mainstream media or in movie or hair growth mastic boxes. On the contrary, I thought, “Only hair.” This is a privilege that society considers “good” when it comes to the tails of dead cells attached to your stomach. I didn’t think much of my hair because I didn’t need it.

Melissa Magsaysay before and after you cut your hair.

(Michael Forey)

In my case, hair is an example of ice cream on the way to self-awareness and transformation – my hairstyle is relatively 10% above the water line and is the easiest thing to change about my appearance, especially in our epidemics Descriptions are now, literally, masks. Like you, I was Living in the dark for the past two years, during which time the availability of mutants and vaccines will be more noticeable and one highlight meeting will join the next. My 13-inch heavy crocodile threads seemed to be creating more confusion, and it was time for some clarity.

In the end, I am far from being the only one on this special hair trip. Michael Hairy, a hairdresser at Beverly Hills Salon Strike, who cut my hair at the end of November, says: “Hair holds energy.” “At the cellular level, it is interesting to think that our hair is dead cells. It is somehow life’s experience. Cutting this off is a wonderful way to get out of the situation and point to the point of renewal by saying ‘I’m done, I’m done’.

Foray says he has not cut much hair during his two decades of career, as he has done in the past six months. Many of his clients have come looking for surprisingly short cuts – shags, pixies and resored bobs.

“There is one thing about your person that says a lot,” Forry said. “Visually, it changes the shape of the face. It shapes the cheek. It raises a lot of personality. It’s more than a physical change. It really brings a character.

Rotate the wheel to decide who else is and see where the scissors in the stats take me to the first step toward transparency. Who would I be if I did not have 13 inches of deep black hair (usually tucked around the buttons on my jacket, tucked under a pillow or held while my baby sleeps)

With only a few hairs, I can leave today and go to the strategic place I created myself, trying to remember how I felt when I was tired of living in a dense forest of endless epidemics.

Los Angeles-based Reiki swimmer and energy healer Kiki Matoba says my hair story is outdated. “Many cultures around the world believe in the importance of cutting hair,” she says. “Muslim and Hindu parents ritually cut their child’s hair to cleanse the child from negativity and past lives. In New Zealand, hair-cutting magic is said to prevent thunder and lightning. Some Native Americans believe that haircuts are about making a difference in their lives, leaving past mistakes and starting a new chapter.

“Hair can easily retain old energy only with mental and emotional connections,” says Matoba.

Mohar Chawduri, vice president of Edelman Data and Social Intelligence in New York, had her hair cut more than a foot last fall because of the pandemic and surrounding stress. Planning her epidemic wedding.

“I have had long hair since I was a child,” says Chauduri. “This was my most recognizable physical trait. You can see my disobedient, swaying herd from a mile away. My immigrant parents grew up in a South Asian family. However, New York-based statistician Mark Bustos had her hair cut with a razor blade.

“I feel relieved. It’s much easier, ”Chauduri said. “From an emotional point of view, I feel as if I have completely abandoned one aspect of my life. I now feel that I have this alternative. This short, straight bob is more fashion forward, more emotional.

Rihanna, Zendaya, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Pom Klementieff, who are considered regular clients, say that hairdressing is now a matter of personal choice, especially in the heroic and pre-epidemic community.

“I noticed more courage when you changed your appearance,” says New York-based Stephen. “People who are afraid of trying to cut it down now realize that it is not really a big deal. So many more important things are happening. Many people are reflecting on themselves and embracing their natural identity. Now is the time to find out. you Like everyone else, it has no effect – no noise.

According to Martha Toppran, head of beauty and fashion management at Pinterest LA, short haircuts are on the rise year after year, and you can now get a hint of what a stylish hairstyle is now. Just like your unique hairstyle. The most sought after styles on social media are bob-cut wigs, shaved hair designs and full-bodied hairstyles (190% of last year’s amazing jump).

Toparan, who recently won a major CV-19 chop, believes Ciobohan Quinlan will be able to cut her hair at 6 inches by believing Coobohan Quinlan at the Cutler West Hollywood Salon, “Pinterest says that 2022 will be a year of rebellious haircuts.” ”[The cut] It made me feel simpler, more optimistic, and closer to the pre-epidemic. Never underestimate the power of big hair change.

Outside of any existing meaning or significance for age, Short hair, I found, In fact, it is very beautiful. I’m wearing a new one. One of the most reminiscent of the 90s Linda Evangelist in Peter Lindberg’s photograph – small hair, different sizes and temporarily more androgynous alter ego.