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Last year, “Hey, I don’t know if this is just my idea, but I think my hair is falling out?” I started reading articles. A.D. By mid-2020. It started as a scam and soon became a topic of discussion on TikTok. Alyssa Milan She posted a video on Twitter showing her brushing her wet hair and removing small bumps.“This is what Kovid-19 does to your hair,” he said, and is a recurring topic in the Survivor Corps Facebook group of people who have recovered from Kovid-19. In fact, hair loss at the time of the outbreak was a major issue for the American Academy of Dermatology to develop a PSA.

According to Dr. Sharon Belmo, a dermatologist in London, hair loss is not a sign of covide. Instead, she says, people are exposed to the virus called influenza. Although Covid seems to have caused some hair loss, Dr. Belmo explained that the cause was not a specific cause. Instead, it is considered a post-traumatic stress disorder, such as a serious illness, or emotional stress, loss of employment, or perhaps a little hard work.

“You don’t have to take covad to suffer from this type of hair loss,” said Dr. Belmo. “The unrest last year or more was enough to push people into all sorts of stress responses.”

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ranela Hersche agrees that febrile hair loss, in particular, is thought to be caused by covidine. “Patients with covad-19 often have a fever, and after several months they often experience severe hair loss,” explains Dr. Hersh. In addition to fever, general aches and pains are considered to be a major cause of telogen fluvium – and you may experience all three of these outbreaks.

Hair loss can be caused by a condition called Telgen influenza, which is not immediate, leaving a clear bald spot in one day, but a lot of general shade, with a little more damage around temples, says nurse Ivy Carson. Expert on Parsley Health. “It has a very scattered design,” she said. It is common to lose up to 50 to 150 hairs a day, so not all hair loss is a sign of normal hair loss. As a result, it can be difficult to identify the cause. Carson adds: “For some women, skinny jeans are now more than three times as long as a horse’s tail, or they may have a lot of baby hair on their face.

According to Dr. Hirsh, in practice, telogen fluvia has become a “trustworthy common complaint,” and many patients seek counseling and treatment. He added: “It is very difficult for people to understand.

There are many causes of hair loss, from underlying hormonal imbalances, genetics or perhaps a lack of nutrition. In this case, according to Carson, in times of stress, your body behaves in such a way that it does not help you in terms of war or flight. Interest Hair. Carson says: “It distracts me from things like grinding or growing hair and nails.

However, there is a distinct difference between telogen influenza. “Overall, the telogen fluffy has been reversed,” Dr. Belmo confirmed. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, you may not notice any overgrowth after six months of illness or stress. In addition to illness and stress, such as iron deficiency, hormonal or birth-related hormonal changes, thyroid problems, rapid weight loss, or side effects of medication can cause telogen flu, says Dr. Belmo.

Although hair loss is stressful and easy to deal with, both Dr. Belmo and Dr. Hersche say that it is not a terrifying flu virus and that it usually resolves over time. “The bleeding can last from three to six months, but remember, it does not start until six months after the traumatic event,” said Dr. Belmo. Although it is challenging to monitor flow and growth, Dr. Belmo has been able to resist as much as possible. If you feel that your hair loss has been going on for more than six months, or if it is particularly severe, you should consult your doctor to check the conditions below.

“The only important thing patients need to know is that it is not always permanent hair loss, it only accelerates the growth cycle,” said Dr. Hersh, who also pointed out that minoxide is approved by the local application FDA to improve hair growth. It is advisable to talk to your healthcare provider about your choice of minoxidil products on the market. Dr. Belmo stressed the need to first return to general health and restore hair growth in time.