Are you a person who suffers from hair loss? Read this article to find out what causes hair loss and how to stop it.

Did you know that we all lose about 100 hairs a day? This may not be surprising to many people, but it is important to keep your hair really healthy and beautiful.

However, this can happen when you lose more hair than usual. Hair loss is not only a health problem but also an embarrassment to many. If you are suffering from hair loss and need solutions, then you are in the right place.

There are many causes for hair loss. Genetic, hormonal imbalances, side effects of medication, and misuse of hair products are common causes of hair loss. One of the best solutions for this problem is to use clinical hair removal products. In this article you will find other ways to stop hair loss.

Use a mild candle

Remember to always go around and learn when buying products. See a list of your shampoo ingredients. Shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, such as sulfate and parabens, should be avoided as long as it is important to wash your hair regularly to maintain good hygiene. These chemicals remove nutrients from your scalp, leading to excessive dryness, which can lead to dryness and eventually hair loss.

Vitamin supplements

One of the most common causes of hair loss is a lack of vitamins in the diet. Vitamin A helps your scalp produce healthy oils, which keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Vitamin B helps prevent graying and keeps your hair healthy. Vitamin E helps in good blood circulation to stimulate the hair follicles to produce new and healthy hair.

If you suffer from hair loss, your diet does not have enough vitamins. Vitamin capsules are as widely used as OTC medicines. Hold a bottle to see if it works for you.

Increase protein intake

Protein is a key component of hair. Hair is made of keratin and is a protein. So, if you are losing a lot of hair or you see your hair being broken a lot, it may be due to a lack of protein. Start snacking on foods such as eggs, lean meats, fish and soy to get better results.

Oil massage

Massage your scalp with essential oils to improve blood circulation and promote hair growth. Many people find it difficult to apply oil to their hair because they have to get rid of oily hair. There are many non-stick oils available that you may not be choosing right now. Or you can schedule a massage twice a week on days when you do not want to go out.

Do not brush wet hair

Your hair is more prone to breakage when wet. Also, when the foils are wet and soft, they can easily fall off when brushed. So it is best to let your hair dry and do it the way you want it to.

If you go immediately after bathing and want to brush your hair, use a wide-toothed brush or just use your fingers to loosen your hair.

Onion juice

When life gives you onions, rub it on your head and express that beautiful hair. Onion juice has been shown to have amazing benefits in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. Garlic and ginger juice can also be used. Wipe off both pieces and make sure the juice covers your entire skull. Stay for half an hour and then wash. Repeat this regularly and you will see noticeable changes in a few months.

Have water

About 12-15% of your hair contains water, so it is important to water yourself. Always remember that using cosmetics is secondary and that keeping yourself healthy is important. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This not only prevents hair loss but also keeps your skin healthy and detoxifies your body!

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Green tea rubles

Do not throw away your green tea bags after breakfast. Apply them on your scalp instead. Green tea contains epiglotlotin galactose, which inhibits the hormones responsible for hair loss. It also helps with new hair growth. If applied regularly, you will see results in half a month.

Proper use of towels

After a good bath, we all like to massage our hair with a towel. You may be wondering how this is wrong. Massage your hair on rough surfaces such as towels will cause your hair to break easily and fall out. Instead, press and dry the excess water and try to keep your hair dry.

Avoid alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption disrupts hormonal function and absorbs nutrients from the body. Therefore, if you are a heavy drinker who suffers from hair loss, you may want to abstain from alcohol or avoid it altogether.

Avoid smoking

“Smoking harms your health” – not only damaging your lungs and heart, but also causing your hair to fall out. Smoking reduces the flow of blood to the scalp, which inhibits healthy hair growth.

Exercise regularly

Doing or doing any exercise promotes safety. Activities such as walking and swimming help release good hormones and maintain good blood circulation. Exercise plays an important role in stopping hair loss.

Less stress

Stress can lead to many serious health problems. If you are suffering from anxiety, now is the time to find ways to go back and relax. Stress is a major cause of hair loss. You can practice yoga or meditation every day for half an hour to relieve anxiety. Truth be told, there are always stresses in everyday life. Since stress is inevitable, it is important that you follow the steps that will help you to avoid stress.

Heating and drying

Excessive heat on your hair breaks down the structure of the protein, causing it to break down. Excessive drying can also cause your hair to become dull, brittle, and weak. So, try to limit the use of heat and let your hair dry naturally.

Be sweaty

Sweating Sweat can cause your scalp to fall off. Make it a habit to take a shower soon after exercise. If you usually wear a hat or helmet, dry your scalp when removing them. Use shampoo containing Vera or Neem to give you a cool feeling.

Try a different style

If you have long hair, you are more likely to stick your hair in a bun or ponytail to get out of the way. While this may be convenient, pulling the hair tightly can contribute to hair loss. Change your hairstyle so that they are comfortable and do not pull too hard on your hair follicles.

Health is a resource

It is important to take care of your overall health to prevent hair loss. If you are suffering from any condition that causes hair loss, any hair loss product is less likely to help. So, stay healthy, consult a doctor if necessary and see how your hair changes with it.


Many medications, such as side effects, can cause hair loss. If you are on any medication, talk to your doctor about whether this is the cause of the problem and whether you can use any alternative medicine instead.

Check your hair dye

Chemicals in hair dyes or other hair products can be harmful to your hair. Remember to check for any harmful or heavy chemicals in your product before using it.

Regular doctor appointments

Do you visit your doctor regularly? Our body may have hormonal imbalances, stressful situations, medical conditions and skin problems, which can lead to hair loss. Sometimes these issues can be asymptomatic. So it is important to visit your doctor regularly to make sure you are healthy.

Problems and causes of hair loss vary from person to person. But by following these tips, you can work to restore your beautiful hair.

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