With over 95,000 Instagram followers, social media influencers become neighbors due to men’s hair loss (Image: PA Real Life)

An influential social networking site has discovered that hair loss can have a profound effect on a person’s self-esteem.

With more than 95,000 Instagram followers, he explains how his struggle with self-expression has led to the removal of mirrors – including agraphobia, the fear of being in crowded places, out of the house, or in places where it is difficult to escape.

Cosmin Sernica, a 28-year-old social media consultant and content creator living between London and Dubai, said he refrained from posting pictures of himself when his hair began to fall out four years ago.

Cosmin, 51, who lives with her husband, Robert, says: ‘I feel that the world is a mess.

“I spent many hours in the bathroom in the morning looking at my hair under a microscope to see if it came out a lot in one day. It looks like I’m hurting myself.”

While the locksmith excused Cosmin’s stay at home, he remained supportive, worrying that his friends would see a change in his hair line after the restrictions were lifted.

He says: “When I first saw my hair fall out, I was shocked. Because I was only 24 years old; I did not think that I could shave, especially since I was so young.

Some people, especially men, are not worried about losing their hair, but I could not imagine shaving myself.

Cosmin says hair loss has changed the world.  (PA Real Life)

Cosmin Says Hair Loss Turns The World Back (Photo: PA Real Life)

‘I am totally in love with my work and what I do. I have a great love for social media and the world of influence, but it really has a lot of pressure.

“Image is very important in my industry and it plays a big role in everything I do, whether it’s actively participating on social media or participating in events.

“As part of my content creation, I have to post pictures of myself, and I feel compelled to see what I can do – sometimes I feel like I have to edit or trim images, because I’m afraid of the response and I worry about what people are like.

His fears began to creep into other aspects of his life – he even began to ruin the holidays with his husband.

“Every time we went on a trip, my wife wanted to take pictures with us, but I would never take off my hat,” Cosmin said. I just could not get rid of it, I was always worried about my hair.

There were times when we passed airport security and I was asked to take off my hat. I started to cry in front of everyone. It makes me emotional even now. I was so sure. ‘

Cosmin says he has reached a point where he fears his friends will not see a change in hair style.  (PA / Real Life)

Cosmin says he has reached the point where he fears his friends will not see his hair change online (Photo: PA Real Life)

Eventually, he decided to leave home and undergo a hair transplant.

He said: “I was about to go through the process when Kovid was hit.

I had hoped to do so in Turkey or Romania, but traveling was out of the question.

On top of that, I’m out of the house and when the restrictions were lifted I still didn’t want people I knew to see me.

‘My hairline is getting worse and worse, and I was so self-conscious.’

Then he started monitoring how much hair was lost every day.

Soon hair loss stress triggered alopecia, exacerbated the condition.

“I was so scared that I could not see anyone,” Cosmin said. I could not see my friends and I could not see my family.

‘I am very sad. I knew he was worried, but it made me feel even worse. It was winding.

‘At the lowest level, I was away from the mirrors in the house and every morning I would run a roller cracked on my head to see how much hair was coming out.

After that, I cried all the time.

Cosmin was only 24 when he began to lose his hair.  (PA Real Life)

Kosmin was only 24 when he started losing his hair (Image: PA Real Life)

Finally, he decided not to have hair transplants by taking regular pills.

He talks about his experience of raising awareness of the potential effects of hair loss and encouraging men to seek treatment.

‘I was afraid to wash my hair,’ he said, ‘because I did not want to put too much pressure on my head.’

‘I take a daily pill that enhances my hair, although this does not help with thinning hair.

Covid, 28, was about to undergo a hair transplant.  (PA Real Life)

Hair transplant to be performed on 28-year-old Kovid (Photo: PA Real Life)

I follow the treatment religiously and I do not dry my hair by massaging my scalp twice a day. Three months later I noticed a big difference. There was no more spilling.

‘The areas I experienced alopecia have not yet fully returned to normal, but they are starting to grow again.’

The biggest change for Cosmin is self-confidence.

He says: “My hair started to grow again, so I was able to see people face-to-face and get back to my job.

‘Nowadays, social media is a big part of everyone’s life and there are more pressures to make it look and feel somewhat different. For me, that pressure is ten times because it is my job too.

I think discussing hair loss is a taboo subject for men. Many men suffer in silence, because worrying about these things is expected of us but, in fact, can destroy our self-confidence.

‘I want people to know that there is treatment, there is no need to have such a negative experience in life.’

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