Clean, fla.Hair loss is a long list of symptoms COVID-19 Survivors report after being infected, but the exact cause is unclear.

John Satino, director of the Laser Hair and Skin Clinics Clinic, described us as “extremely” hair loss.

What you need to know

  • Laser Hair & Scalp clinics report 40 confirmed cases of severe hair loss following covine infections
  • The test found swelling under the hair
  • Survivors from the Indiana University School of Medicine and the surviving corporation reported a hair loss of 33%
  • It is not clear whether the hair loss seen by New York doctors was caused by stress or the virus itself

“It could be a handful or a total hair loss,” he said.

Satino said the clinic was conducting a study when he was in contact with Kovid. In interviews with potential participants, many reported that they had been positively exposed or exposed to covad.

Patient Marcia Marx’s first reaction to hair loss seemed to be related to anxiety.

Mark said, “Covid really – because of fear, you know? It was just isolation, fear, and ignorance. It should only be a real stimulus in cortisol. Stress can lead to many problems over a long period of time. ” .

“She seemed to have more psychological problems or something, but in reality, following him, she was probably exposed to COVID and her hair loss was significant,” says Satino.

According to Satino, the clinic looked at about 40 patients from the late 30s to early 70s who may have found or suspected covis and later experienced hair loss. He said that under the microscope of his hair, they were experiencing the effects of Telegen influenza, a stress-related hair loss. He also mentioned that there was a slight swelling under his hair.

A study from the Indiana University School of Medicine and Survival Corporation surveyed 5,875 people who tested positive for COVID-19 on persistent symptoms and health effects. More than 33% reported hair loss among their peers, according to preliminary publications that could not be evaluated by their peers. Researchers say that this usually starts about 55 days after the first infection. Letter published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Doctors at the Conney Island Medical Center and the Metropolitan Medical Center in New York City said they saw an increase of more than 400% in Telegen influenza in July and August. He notes that the centers are safety nets that serve “some of the highest rates of death in the NCC.” It is not clear if the December letter was caused by stress or hair loss or if it was a direct result of the virus. Doctors write that hair loss is one of the most common symptoms listed after COVID, so chronic inflammation may be the cause for some patients.

At Laser Hair & Scalp Clinics, Satino said the combination of CBD derivatives and low-dose laser seems to work in some patients. She says Marx is seeing improvement.

“He put it under a microscope for the last time and showed that hair was coming. And the month before, he counted how many hairs there were in this exact place, and eight or nine to 20,” said Marx. , But I am very hopeful and positive and very happy to do this.

COVID-related hair loss is still too early to be seen, says Satino.