I had thin hair all my life. I say thin because I have no natural waves that give me a little body, but turn my head. This is not really a problem, but as I get older, I notice that my anxiety is starting to subside, which may be due to factors such as stress, diet, genetics and even hairstyles.

Why this particular generator? “Bumbling and Bumble Dye Shampoo and conditioner do wonders for my clients with thin hair,” says Lucy. Health. They are both lightweight and can add volume without weighing your hair, leaving your hair soft but flexible and able to hold a curl or other style better than fine, thin hair.

The formulas boast panthenol, vitamin B5, strengthens locks, balances moisture, and keeps hair moisturized. And the addition of rosemary oil in shampoo and ingredients directly related to healthy hair growth – will help you see the results faster. Moreover, Lucy also likes shampoo and conditioner to be free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and formaldehyde, so people with sensitive scalp do not have to worry about irritation.

Lucy recommends shampoo and conditioner every day if your hair is dyed quickly, or even every third day. No matter how often you choose to wash, this set is safe for all hair types, including colored locks. “Before you wash your hair, you need to let it rest for a minute or two,” says Lucy. You will see the results in about a month.

Armed with her idea, I immediately picked up each bottle and went home to wash my hair. I still have the habit of brushing my hair twice a week while I work at home, but for the past month I followed Lucy’s instructions, diligently washing my trays and letting both a thick shampoo and conditioner. Sit for a few minutes before bathing. I did this – usually – every two days for exactly one month and I was completely deprived of the results.

When loose, natural waves dry out, the magic products of Bumble and Bumble are so exaggerated that they almost reach the ends. The weight is lighter than before, but running with my fingers in my crotch makes me feel more satisfied than I have ever felt before. I’ve seen parts of my head go from new to visible growth, and I can see that my hair is about an inch longer than it was in mid-August today. These results have made me a real believer and now I only use Bumble and Bumble products.

But I am not the only admirer. The shampoo and conditioner kit has hundreds of beautiful reviews from Northwest consumers who notice how the products soften, soften, soften and thicken without feeling oily or heavy. (And customers report how much they enjoy the aroma of the formulas!)

One user wrote about the shampoo: “I use a thick shampoo and conditioner. This binary will definitely get results! You won’t have a herd of lions in a month, but like all good things it takes time. The overall texture and size of my hair has been dramatically improved! I really don’t wear my hair, so I have seen positive results, [and] I think that damaged hair will take longer.

I wash my hair 3-4 times a week and fix it. I have very good hair, so it can go down in the fridge quickly, but this is not the case. After using it, my hair feels soft and thick. Plus, my favorite scent! “The other conditioner was torn.

And if you’re on a budget and can only add one of these hair heroes to your cart, my mother, who has struggled with postpartum hair loss for more than a year, says the shampoo should be discontinued. After giving birth to my baby, I had hair loss after childbirth. I have tried collagen, prenatal vitamins, etc., and there are no signs of improvement. I bought it to try it for two weeks and I feel like my hair is thick. The price is high, but it seems to help with my thin hair, I will definitely buy it [it] one more time. “