Have you ever seen it in your shower or hair brush and wondered how you still have hair on your head? Is your scalp easily sunburned, or are you noticing thin hair around your scalp? You may be experiencing a more common problem than you can imagine.

Hair loss occurs as we age

“Half of all women will have some hair loss by the age of 50, and approximately 80 percent of women will have some hair loss by the age of 60,” says Glenis Alon, professor of clinical practice at Glinis Alon. A dermatologist at the University of California at Los Angeles and at the Ablon Skin Institute and Research Center in California.

We all know that hair loss or shaving in middle age can happen to men, but she says we don’t talk about it much about women. “It often affects women in a special way, especially in terms of self-confidence. A man like Bruce Willis can shave his head well, but it is a big issue for women, ”said Dr. Ablon.

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