TressAnew is a hair restoration formula developed by Harmonium Supplements. The Creator designed this formula to use natural ingredients to enhance the appearance of hair in the scalp.

The formula contains 3 main ingredients to eliminate the root cause of short, weak, dry and dull hair. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

According to a study by the creator of the hair, hair loss should be reversed to promote the absorption of nutrients that promote hair health due to the enzyme-stimulating properties of hair. The ban is one of the reasons why many hairdressing treatments do not work.

TressAnew works well, even if there are factors such as consumer diet, frequent hair washing, or exposure to heat. According to the product’s official website, the supplement may also be superior to hair loss genetics and will give you results within a few days after the first few days, regardless of your thyroid, defects or worries.

Who created TressAnew?

TressAnew was created by Chrissa Benson, a female health professional featured in a number of trusted media outlets such as Women’s Health Magazine and Prevention Magazine. He is a self-employed pioneer in the industry who is interested in creating hair solutions that are suitable for modern lifestyles.

According to the official site, Chrissa Benson has actively discussed women’s health and fitness at several national broadcasts.

Chris says there is no professional training in food science. So she had to ask for help from a trusted health-care consultant. Finally, she had a whole team of experts, including biochemists, nutritionists, and researchers, for consultants.

How TressAnew works

According to Chris, the supplement prevents the enzymes 5-alpha-rectatatez (5-AR) from converting testosterone to dichrosterone (DHT).

Men have some estrogen, and women have testosterone, which increases the amount of estrogen. According to the Creator, women can lower their estrogen levels due to menopause, aging, or the introduction of testosterone after childbirth.

5-AR, the main cause of hair loss, converts rising testosterone into DHT. It is more potent than testosterone.

DHT binds to nutrients from the base of the hair follicles to the closure. Because nutrients are prevented from entering the scalp, the hair becomes malnourished and loses weight and shine.

TressAnew Inputs


This Chinese ingredient has the opposite effect on androgenic effects as hair loss due to DHT accumulation. According to a study by the University of Chinese Medicine Yunnan, foiT is a powerful 5-AR inhibitor that increases hair brightness and volume.

Nettle Root

Its traditional uses inspired the inclusion of this substance in the Bronze Age. But in the formula, plants accelerate hair growth by preventing 5-ARs from converting testosterone to DHT. Julius Caesar also used it to increase power.

Palmeto saw

This ingredient is believed to have been developed by South American communities as a hair health promoter. The element prevents DHT receptors from attaching to your hair follicles. This makes it easier for healthy hair to absorb nutrients.


Horsetail is a natural herb containing antioxidants and silicon. Both have been linked to hair loss. Greco-Roman cultures used the leaf to promote rapid hair growth, hair strength, and length. Silicone promotes hair thickness and shine, antioxidants protect hair fibers from damage, and prolongs their strength.


Magnesium helps to remove calcium deposits around your hair, which helps hair grow faster and look healthier.


Also known as Vitamin B7, biotin is a nutrient that promotes hair growth by increasing keratin production (a protein that nourishes hair, skin and nails) to promote follicle growth. People use it primarily for food, although this is not enough to stimulate rapid hair growth. However, the cell remains on the body for a relatively short time. Therefore, it often needs to be met.

All trace elements, including horseradish, magnesium, and biotin, can only be effective after the main nutrients (fo-T, Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto) have stopped forming DHT.

How do I check my DHT level?

According to Chrissa, the presence of a long ring finger above the index finger indicates a high level of DHT. She says she learned the technique at researchers at the University of Michigan.

What is the recommended dose for TressAnew?

The creator of TressAnew recommends taking two tablets daily, morning and evening. However, she emphasizes consistency, suggesting that users choose a strategic time frame for long-term planning.

According to certificates on the official site, some users have noticed significant changes over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. However, according to the manufacturer, users must use the product for three consecutive months to enjoy long-lasting changes.

One extra bottle contains 60 caplets, which can last up to a month, depending on the recommended dose.

What are the benefits of using TressAnew?

Thin or damaged hair can have a profound effect on a woman’s confidence. Lacking self-confidence, behind the invention of this formula became the self-promotion of Chrissa.

TressAnew has been advertised as a hair conditioner designed to restore youthful appearance, regardless of the stress, age, or temperature you may have. It works on the hair in a number of ways, including maintenance, feeding, and protection.

Having strong hair means that you will not only be limited to certain hairstyles and hairstyles, but also have different lengths of hair.

The TressAnew formula helps the following

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Improve hair growth rate
  • Improve the hairstyle
  • Improve hair color
  • Reduce hair braking

Is The TressAnew Formula Safe?

According to the official website, the formula is a natural combination of all carefully tested ingredients. It is also genetically modified and produced by GMP Compliant and FDA Certification Institute. Therefore, the product meets all safety standards and should not have serious side effects.

TressAnew Best Used?

According to the manufacturer, the product is generally safe for any adult. However, it can cause unwanted side effects for special groups such as pregnant women and nursing mothers. The Creator recommends that people with any existing medical condition consult a physician before taking the supplement.

Although there are many rehabilitation claims, the addition is not due to female genital mutilation, alopecia or medical condition.

How much does TressAnew cost?

An additional bottle costs $ 49.95. A bottle of 3 bottles costs $ 39.95 per bottle, and the cheapest 6 bottle package per pot costs $ 33.

Presentations are usually held between 5 and 7 business days.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact Customer Service Online at the official site to return the purchases within 90 days to return the warranty. For more information, customer service can be found at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-855-246-8852
  • Return Address – Attn: Department of Returnees, C. Harmonium Health, 37 Inner Dr. East, Sweet 100 Englwood, CO 80112

TressAnew Conclusion

TressAnew is a popular brand that has received many positive reviews online. Although there were some complaints, the issue of consistency was the short-term use rather than the recommended time frame.

However, supplements cannot be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Still, it is not safe to start taking extra doses without consulting a doctor.

Regardless of reviews and claims, the effectiveness of supplements varies from person to person. Therefore, whether the supplement is good or not is up to the individual.

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