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Are you tired of your mom asking you to oil your hair? Well, it turns out, you should have listened to her! A simple and effective solution to all your hair problems: No surprises here: dye your hair. Reasons Pollution, stress, wrong lifestyle, diet, Among others, have contributed to many hair problems. In addition, if the hair products you use are loaded with chemicals, this can lead to hair loss.

The best way to deal with this is to oil your hair at least twice a week. Yes, you did. Oil can work wonders on your hair if you follow it religiously. According to Ayurveda, the skull is called from various points of energy Marmas. Dyeing hair and skulls eliminates any excess as a rejuvenating practice Dosha Accumulated in the region of the head, it relieves stress and restores balance.

In addition to helping with lubricating oil Strengthens hair from roots to ends, Generally provides food. Get your hands on these natural ingredients and add them to your hair oil and get a quick fix from hair loss to rash.

How to oil your infrared hair

1. Onion oil
2. Mint oil
3. Vegetable oil
4. Lemon oil
5. Hibiscus oil
6. Curry leaves oil
7. Black seed oil
8. Amla oil
9. Frequently Asked Questions

Onion oil

Homemade hair oil: Onion oil

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Onion oil is a proven remedy to promote hair growth and prevent breakage. The high sulfur content of onions helps to treat many hair problems. It also maintains the normal pH level of the hair, thus preventing premature graying.

How to: Cut some onions and cherry leaves. Mix them with good pasta. Add coconut oil to this mixture and heat the mixture over low heat. After five to 10 minutes, add the flame and let this come into the pot. Lower the heat for 15 minutes and then turn off the heat. Keep this mixture overnight. Filter the oil using a sieve and store the oil in a suitable container.

Expert advice Onion oil reduces hair loss and helps hair growth by feeding on follicles. It is very effective in preventing and treating baldness.

Mint oil

Homemade hair oil-mint oil

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Increased blood flow with vasodilator Cinnamon oil helps with hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also leaves a new scent on your hair.

How to: Using a spoon, scrape off some cinnamon leaves. Place the crushed small leaf in a pot of almond oil and leave the pot in the sun for two or three days. Filter the oil and it is ready to use.

Expert advice This cinnamon oil is an antiseptic in nature, which helps to reduce skin blemishes and keeps the scalp cool and clean.

Herbal oil

Homemade hair oil-herbal oil

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Tulsi and Nem help to treat scalp problems and reduce hair loss. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of these ingredients help to heal and soothe an itchy scalp And prevent constipation.

How to: To prepare this oil, you need equal amounts of coconut oil, fresh tulsi and neem leaves with fenugreek seeds. Crush them well, boil the mixture and strain it. Put it in a pot.

Expert Advice: This oil helps with hair growth, prevents rashes and dryness and nourishes the hair.

Lemon oil

Homemade Hair Oil: Lemon Oil

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Citric acid is well known Prevent hair follicles from weakening, thereby reducing hair loss. It opens the pores in the scalp, thereby reducing dry skin.

How to: You need to massage the outer layer of lemon to make this perfect herbal remedy for your hair. Mix it well with olive oil. Leave it in the sun for a few days. Strain and your vegetable oil is ready.

Expert advice Be gentle when applying this oil on the scalp. Try a paste before applying this oil because if this does not suit your scalp it can lead to negative results.

Hibiscus oil

Homemade Hair Oil-Hibiscus Oil

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It’s hibiscus It is widely accepted for hair growth And it is often used in herbal hair oils. Weekly use of hibiscus oil strengthens the roots and prevents them from breaking.

How to: You will need about eight hibiscus flowers to make this oil. Put them in good pasta. Add the flour to a bowl and heat it with coconut oil until the oil changes color. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. Filter the oil and store it in the appropriate container. Your hibiscus oil is ready to use.

Expert advice Hibiscus oil nourishes the skull and improves blood circulation. It also rejuvenates the scalp and increases hair growth by preventing hair loss.

Curry leaves oil

Homemade hair oil: curry leaf oil

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Rich in anti-aging, Curry leaves help to strengthen the hair follicles, preventing hair loss. Its antibacterial properties protect against constipation.

How to: Heat a cup of coconut oil in a small bowl. Heat this mixture using a double boiler method until the oil is covered with a black layer. Let it cool for a while. Remove the leaves and place the oil in a saucepan.

Expert advice Curry leaves are known to prevent premature hair loss, and reduce hair loss.

Black seed oil

Homemade Hair Oil: Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed (Black Cinnamon) Promotes good skull health. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the scalp clean and dry.

How to: Take five cups of water and two handfuls of black cumin seeds in a saucepan. Boil for 10 minutes and leave the mixture to cool. Strain the liquid and add one tablespoon of extra olive oil. Store in a container.

Expert Advice: Black seed oil promotes hair growth, prevents premature graying, improves scalp health, prevents hair loss and cleanses dry hair.

Amla oil

Homemade hair oil: Amla oil

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Amla, Also known as Indian cabbage is rich in nutrients and helps to improve the health of hair and scalp.

How to: You need a cup of coconut oil and drink it Amla. Grinding Amla Strain the juice without water and in a bowl. Boil coconut oil and Amla Juice in a saucepan for 10-15 minutes. The mixture will turn brown. Pour into a container and let cool. The oil is ready to use.

Expert advice Amla Oil helps prevent premature graying. It also stimulates hair growth and restricts hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which oil is best for hair growth and thickness?

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Q – Which oil is best for hair growth and thickness?

A Coconut oil is an essential oil for hair. Almond oil, black seed oil and olive oil are considered to be good for hair growth.

Q: What ingredients should be mixed with oil for rapid hair growth?

A Hibiscus flowers and leaves help reduce hair loss. Onion juice is considered to be the best ingredient for restoring lost hair. Aloe vera and curry help with hair growth.

Question Is regular oil dye good for hair?

A Depending on the type of skull, you can choose your frequency once or twice a week. Ideally, lubricate your hair at night before you plan to wash your hair.

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