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There are many products that can be used to reduce or reverse hair loss, but many do little to stimulate new hair growth.

One of the most popular options on the market is Viviscal, a hair growth product and supplement.

If you Google your hair extension solutions, you may already have access to this product.

It is even mentioned by people like Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow.

We’ve done some in-depth research to find out how Vival products work and what results are actually expected.

Vivical is a hair health product that offers a variety of products, including shampoo, serum and star products – hair growth supplements.

Vival supplements promise to improve the appearance and thickness of the hair, which can lead to excessive shedding or breakage by protecting the hair and stimulating new growth.

The main active ingredients in Vivical Hair Growth Supplements:

According to their website, Vivical complies with the FDA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, although they are not approved by the FDA.

a few 2012 Study Vivical shows a significant effect on a woman’s hair growth.

For more than 180 days, women with thin hair were given Viviscal high strength or placebo twice a day. The study showed that people who received viscose had significant improvements in light hair and skin tone.

“The oral supplement reviewed in this study promotes significant hair growth in women with temporary hair loss,” the study concluded.

Viviscal contains ingredients that are known to support normal hair health. Some ingredients help people with hair loss due to certain deficiencies.

According to a 2012 study, the main active ingredient in hair growth is viscous amino acid cc, which contains shark baskets and fish oil.

The study found that other active ingredients in Vivikal may help to reduce hair loss, but it is not known if hair loss is due to a specific malnutrition.

Let’s look at some of the more active ingredients in more detail.

  • Aminomar c. Viviscal’s famous claim is a unique mix of shark baskets and molasses powder mixed with seawater.
  • Biotin (vitamin B7). Biotin is a common ingredient in hair growth products because it is a natural protein that helps maintain normal hair in humans.
  • Vitamin C Vitamin C helps the body retain iron and contributes to skin health.
  • Iron. Iron is an important component in cell repair and growth, including hair growth. Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss.
  • Niasin. Niacin has been Seen To increase the number of hairs in people with alopecia.
  • Zinc. Zinc contributes to normal hair health. Zinc deficiency is another cause of hair loss.
  • Calcium. Calcium It is a mineral that contributes to normal hair growth.

We spoke to a number of health care professionals to get their opinion on this product.

Greta Yadav, a dermatologist and director of dermatology in dermatology, said Vivical studies show that the product may be useful, but that more research is needed to determine whether the product is truly unique or not.

“There is some evidence for the work, but the evidence is not strong, and when it comes to finding a meaningful way to reduce hair loss and hair loss for women and men, I say this is not really a game changer,” she said.

In other words, there is no guarantee of employment. Still, if you have no allergies to seafood, it will probably do no harm.

Julia Gururivivical, leader of the Medino Pharmacist at Digital Pharmacy, is a good option, but only for a few people.

“If your hair loss is caused by iron, biotin and zinc deficiency, this supplement may seem like a good option,” she says. It contains iron in the form of iron, which is salty in the stomach but still gives a good amount of iron.

On top of that, Guerrero recalls that vitamin C in viscose helps to increase iron intake.


Do not take Viviscal if you are allergic to shellfish, which contain both shark fins and mollusk.

Viscal can be purchased online from the brand’s official website.

It is also offered by various other retailers, including:

Viviscal usually costs $ 30 to $ 50 for a 60 tablet package, which lasts for 60 days.

Viviscal’s fame claim is a unique blend of the brand known as Aminomar CCC.

However, other hair extensions can also help with hair loss or thinning hair.

Nutrafol Core for Women

Nutfofol Core is a popular supplement that promises to improve hair strength for women with hair loss due to stress, environmental issues or heredity.

Clinical studies of the brand itself found that 80 percent of women who used the supplement had improved hair growth.

This product contains a special compound called Synergen Complex. It includes the following

  • Sensoril ashwagandha to maintain hormonal balance
  • Tocopherol complex to target hair loss due to environmental conditions
  • Marine collagen

According to Viviscal, neutrophils are not a drug and therefore are not officially approved by the FDA. However, it does meet FDA requirements.

Unlike viscose, neutrophils contain DHT inhibitors. DHT is a hormone that is thought to cause hair loss in both men and women.

Based on clinical trials and research into neutrals, it may be a good option for Vival.

But $ 88 a month is too expensive. The supplement also contains fish ingredients, so it is not a good alternative for vegetarians or vegans.

Lunar Juice SuperHair

Lunar Juice SuperHair is another popular supplement aimed at promoting hair growth and thickness.

The main active ingredients:

  • Ash to maintain hormonal balance due to stress
  • Palmetto has been shown to inhibit DHT
  • To maintain hormonal balance due to thyroid tumor disorders kelp
  • A mixture of vitamins including A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E and K2

According to the Moon Juice website, this compound can support healthy hair, mood, skin health and the immune system, although no research has been done on moon juice.

According to customer reviews, the product acts as a good versatile vitamin. In addition, many users report that hair loss has decreased and new hair is emerging.

Unlike Nutrafol and Viviscal, lunar juice has no clinical studies for supplements.

And $ 60 a month is a more expensive option than Viccal.

Hum hair is sweet hair

Of Ham hair curls are a great option for some popular hair growth supplements on the market. Customers not only contribute to the health of the hair but also the taste.

These adhesives contain active ingredients.

Although some of these ingredients are found in Vivikal, hummus does not contain any fish or shellfish.

Foundation Skin Care Unmixed Hair Supplements

Foundation Skin Care is an uncomplicated hair supplement that contains a mixture of vitamins, herbs and acids. It was designed by a board certified dermatologist and hairdresser.

The active ingredients include:

Is Vivical FDA approved?

According to their website, it is not approved by the FDA because it is not a viscous drug.

However, the brand follows FDA-approved manufacturing processes.

Does Vivical cause hair growth on the face?

Some may worry that in addition to the head, Viviscal promotes hair growth on unwanted parts of the body.

According to Viviscal’s website, the product stimulates your normal hair growth cycle. Unless you notice excessive hair loss on other parts of the body, you will not get any growth anywhere except your scalp.

Does Vivical have any side effects?

According to the Visual Clinic Experiments, No additional side effects.

How long does it take to see the effects of vibration?

Visual effects should be seen within 3 to 6 months, he said.

Based on clinical research and customer reviews alone, Viviscal seems to work for many women.

However, the product is not a safe way to rejuvenate thin hair. For some people, the only solution is to be brighter.

We recommend that you try this supplement as long as you do not have fish intolerance. If your hair loss is significant, it is best to consult a doctor about the options that are most effective for you.

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