Meet Bemish, a 16-year-old monkey who is currently being held at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Maryland Laboratory. His medical records are marked by extensive hair loss, high levels of psychological stress. Records show that at one time, up to 73% of the body’s hair was missing. There are many signs that he is surrounded or shaken back and forth in the house, as well as signs of severe mental retardation. Videos from PAA show the disturbed state of mind as he walks in endless speed in a crowded and barren hut.

In many cases, Bimish injured his fingers, from a hole injury or a disturbed monkey in a neighboring nest. It shows that the anus is coming out of the anus, has symptoms of depression, and notes that the staff had a lot of problems with the intestines. He suffered from diarrhea, skin disease, erythema, and other ailments.

He underwent many surgeries, invasive procedures, and blood transfusions. It is embedded in an MRI machine. He was intentionally and permanently brainwashed, and a part of the skull was opened to do so. He was amazed at the terrible spiders and snakes that seemed to be the worst monkeys. And with all this, Bemish has been left alone in corpses: unimaginable natural conditions for monkeys, complex family structures such as food or water are essential for their physical well-being.

How did he get here?

The story of Bimish

On January 1, 2005, a new “laboratory equipment” arrived at Alpha Genesis, a profitable monkey institute for sale to organisms with their body fluids, hair, skins and other fragments and fragments.

The new collection was later renamed Bemish. His future is marked by terror, sickness, and despair. He is forced to tolerate the needs and desires of his employers, and is allowed to live only until he achieves his goals.

After nearly 16 years and the horrors of the unknown, Bemish is currently being held in the NIH Laboratory of Eliachbury Murray, who cut off his skull, removed part of his brain, and injected him with toxins. He slept alone in a cool metal hut under unnatural bright fluorescent lights.

Bemish never asked for this. I would never agree to use it for experiments. He cannot die and escape from the clutches of those who control his life.

In February 2020, the PAA asked for documents on five monkeys, including Bemish in the Moore Laboratory. It took 18 months and charges to snatch from the NH clutch. Now we know why.

Monkeys used in these experiments

A.D. In 2007, when he was 2 years old, Bemish was sent to NH, where he was used by two Vivixes at the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, led by Anthony Faussi. For these studies, chimpanzees were sent to the BIOQUAL (formerly known as SEMA) laboratory in Rockville, Maryland, where cranium-infested nests and hundreds of different monkeys are now being treated. Cruel testers are no more than barren bodies in the hands of barren metal.

Just after his fifth birthday, In 2010, Bemish was taken to the Murai Laboratory in NIH. He has been there ever since.

Except for the short time he was imprisoned with another monkey – only nine months long – Bemish was left alone. The United Nations says it is a form of torture for more than 15 days. According to federal documents, Bemish has been tolerant since March 2010. That’s it 11 Years up to date.

But the experiments continue.

For more than 16 years, nothing has stopped the trials and tribulations of Bemish, completely eradicating the physical and social poverty of Bemish. Staff often noticed that he was vulnerable in the house or in his head, unresponsive, even to the touch. He simply left the world.

Some days, Bemish is given a few peanuts or a piece of apple, which Murray calls arbitrarily and abbreviated as “enrichment.”

We want accountability from NIH, now!

The story of Bimish is sick, and sadly everywhere. He is one of hundreds of monkeys who stole Murray’s life and spent $ 47 million on taxpayers. She inflicted incalculable physical and psychological damage on these vulnerable and emotional creatures, and she used Plasma NIH’s work, during her tenure, and, surprisingly, to create a comfortable life with respect for her peers.

Who is bright?

But in 40 years, she has done nothing for the scientific question or for human health. What she does is not science – it is violence. And it must stop.

What you can do

Tell NIH that you can’t afford to pay your tax dollars for monkey torment:

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